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Exterior The most desirable typology.

Smoothly polished.

A large sedan seamlessly blending premium and dynamic, including a long hood, horizontal side body, long wheelbase, and iconic opera glass.

Let it greet you.

Auto Flush Door Handle

Keep your car looking sleek and stylish with these handles that disappear into the door when not in use,
providing a cleaner look and reducing the risk of damage.

Exterior details.

Aura of elegance.

AZERA embodies class through its state-of-the-art design and fine details that combine to exude a magnificent presence.

Opera glass

Opera glass

Frameless Door

Frameless Door

Auto Flush Door Handle

Auto Flush Door Handle

19-inch Alloy Wheel

19-inch Alloy Wheel

Interior Relax in sophistication.

A woman take a rest in AZERA.

A serene calm of your own.

Wraparound Architecture

A wraparound interior structure trimmed with premium materials to create a cozy and sophisticated space.

Cozy and stylish interior of AZERA

Unwind in style.

A spacious door trim, sleek bezel-less inside mirror, and one-touch rear reclining seat controller for a comfortable driving experience.

Bezel-less Inside Mirror

Bezel-less Inside Mirror

Bezel-free mirrors ­- a standard feature across all trims - creates a more open & refined interior.

Door Trim Space

Door Trim Space

Enjoy the spacious cabin, with door trim space that can easily store tablets, water bottles and others.

Rear Reclining Seat Controller

Rear Reclining Seat Controller

Thanks to the reclining option that can be easily activated with a single touch on the rear seat console,
passengers in the back can enjoy a more comfortable and relaxing experience on the road.

Be smart, be bright.

Interactive Ambient Mood Lamp

The interactive ambient mood lamp creates a personalized and visually stunning experience by dynamically changing colors
and movements synced with different driving scenarios.

  • Welcomes the driver with a warm and inviting glow.

  • Alerts the driver with sequential lighting when a high level of fine dust is detected.

  • Shifts colors and movements through drive modes and speed, enhancing the driving experience.


Interior details.

Refine the mood.

Savor an array of high-end delights – from Nappa leather to two-tone accents and elegant curves – with a finishing touch of futuristic mood lighting that creates a cozy ambience.

From Nappa leather wheel and two-tone accents and elegant curves.

Two-toned leather steering wheel

Two-tone Nappa leather seats.

Nappa Leather Seat

Two-tone Nappa head rest

Mono-post headrest

Door Trim Mood Lamp

Door trim mood lamp

Create your AZERA.

360° VR

Click and turn the vehicle image to the left or right.

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    Choose Your Wheel

    ※ Image above may not represent the actual colors and may be changed at any time without prior notice.

    ※ Image above may not represent the actual colors and may be changed at any time without prior notice.