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Pioneer Playground

A playful community space that EV early-adopter enjoy IONIQ-related technology & Lifestyle content with competitive customer experience of test drive, consultation, and car delivery.


IONIQ Lab E-GMP showcase

E-GMP showcase

E-GMP is an electric vehicle-exclusive platform that leads the development of next-generation EVs for the Hyundai Motor Group. This platform embodies a perfect unified system through its various expansion possibilities, superior driving performance, and ultimate stability.

IONIQ Lab Vehicle showcase

Vehicle showcase

A space where visitors can look and a stylish and sensibly displayed vehicle and feel the first impression of IONIQ. It provides a sophisticated and sensuous experience by using Barisol lighting that shows the precise color and detail of the vehicle.

IONIQ Lab Community ground

Community ground

Community ground is where early adopters interact and communicate. Programs such as master talk and one-day classes are always operated to customers who are interested in.

Brand Showcase

This space will immerse you in IONIQ's brand story, innovative products, and sustainable vision. Dive into sustainable materials which is the core of IONIQ's brand vision with eco-friendly materials and nature-inspired colors.

IONIQ Lab Vision Wall

Vision Wall

At the Vision Wall, three media art pieces created by the media artist Universal Everything are showcased. Each igniting the vision of limitless mobility and an eco-friendly lifestyle.

IONIQ Lab Test drive and Hand Over Zone

Test drive and Hand Over Zone

Experience Hyundai’s unique test drive and vehicle hand-over program, tailored to leave a lasting impression on our customers, creating shareable moments on their social media platforms.

IONIQ Lab EPIT Charging Station

EPIT Charging Station

Experience new and innovative charging experience. With our ultra-charging station our IONIQ 5 can run 100 km. by takes 5 minutes of charging.

Test Drive Program

  • Basic Test-Drive

    A test drive program focused on the vehicle's features and performance.

  • Long-Distance Test-Drive

    Driving pleasure

    Fully experience the technology and driving experience of IONIQ 5.