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Emergency Service

24 Hours Emergency Assistance Service for Your Hyundai Car

Roadside Assistance Service: Hyundai Roadside Assistance Standard

1. An unlimited number of Roadside Assistance Service to all customers per 5 years.
(For Hyundai vehicle model H-1, Grand Starex (MC20), IONIQ electric, KONA electric delivered from 9 March 2020 and STARIA)

2. An unlimited number of towing services per 5 years.
(For Hyundai vehicle model H-1, Grand Starex (MC20), IONIQ electric, KONA electric delivered from 9 March 2020 and STARIA)

3. Free towing to the “nearest” Hyundai Authorized Dealer with in 30 km., additional distance will be charge at 20 Baht per km.

3.1 For any alternative destination, free towing up to a distance of 15 km to any destination applies for each service, additional distance will be charge at 20 Baht per km.
3.2 For any alternative destination which is exceeding 50 km, towing fee will be a fixed price and agreed with the Customer prior to authorizing the towing.

4. 24 hour call access to free technical advice in the event of an accident or breakdown.

5. Mistakenly locked” vehicles – If the Customer has a spare key and the key is at a location within 15 km, then MAT can arrange for collection and delivery of the key to the breakdown location. For distances beyond 15 km. a charge of 20 Baht per/km. will apply. The price is calculated on the distance traveled on the outward journey to collect the spare key and the return key of the journey is already calculated in the fee. MAT can also arrange for a locksmith to attend the breakdown, however the cost of a locksmith’s services is not covered under the assistance program and the customer shall be responsible for any costs incurred.

6. Up to 10 liters of free fuel in the event that the Customer runs out of fuel in a roadside situation. This benefit can only be used one time per annum per customer. On subsequent occasions within the same 12 month period, service will be provided, but the cost of fuel shall be the customer’s responsibility. "


1. The service is not covered the Customer’s Vehicle in case of accident

2. All Vehicles must be properly licensed in Thailand..

3. The Customer’s Vehicles’ disablement must have been occurred on a public thoroughfare, street, highway, road, public or private parking lot. Service on logging roads, beaches, barricaded or construction an area, racing tracks and restricted service roads is not covered under Hyundai Roadside Assistance Services.

4. Coverage will be provided for Vehicles that have become immobilized. Costs for any spare parts are not covered under Roadside Assistance Service.

5. Service will be provided except when it is too dangerous because of prevailing weather or ineligible road conditions.

6. The cost occurs from the usage of more than two service persons or vehicles per one case, and those services has been requested by the Customer. The excess expenses will be covered by the Customers.

7. Towing service is provided only to eligible Vehicles that cannot safely mobilize on its own power.

8. Towing may be requested as often as required. All Hyundai Roadside Services towing contractors will honor company’s standard towing charges throughout Thailand.

9. Additional charges will be applied to the Customers for any vehicle that has been modified and affected the towing services which requires MAT to provide any special procedures and/or equipment beyond normally required.

10. Ferry, bridge, or toll road charges for the Customer’s Vehicle are the responsibility of the Customer.