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Outreach Program

Before Service - Outreach
Meaning of Before Service

Before Service is proactive maintenance service of Hyundai that Hyundai service team visits near customer’s place and finds out the problem of the vehicle, helping them fix the problem. Hyundai customers with Before Service can experience a comprehensive service from inspection to repair from Hyundai Mobility (Thailand).

Purpose of the service

Before Service ensures the safety of customer's vehicle operation and helps customer learn simple tips for self-maintenance. Hyundai's customer service team supports customers before service to create a safe driving culture.

Free 25-point car check service

At the Before Service event location, customers can take advantage of the free 25-point car check service. This special offer includes a thorough check of their Hyundai car, including the 25 basic items listed below, at no cost. Customers interested in this service can book an appointment in advance with the showroom.

Free 25-point car check service with a total value of 167 baht

Check engine oil level
Check automatic transmission fluid level
Check condition of front engine belts (cracks, tension)
Check battery condition
Clean air filter element
Check power steering/brake/clutch fluid level
Check engine coolant level
Check electric fan operation and coolant reservoir level
Check windshield wiper and washer operation
Check warning lights on the instrument panel
Check A/C system operation and A/C air filter
Check electric mirror, door lock and side view mirror operation
Check tires
Check handbrake operation, clicks and free play
Check passenger seatbelt operation
Check headlights, turn signals and all other lights
Diagnose any problems with special equipment
Check for engine oil, transmission and differential fluid leaks
Check ball joints and bushings
Check suspension strut and shock absorber leaks
Check front and rear wheel bearings
Check brake pad and rotor wear
Check tire pressure and condition, including spare tire