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N Corner Carving Differential

N Corner Carving Differential

The N Corner Carving Differential is eLSD(electronic-Limited Slip Differential) system that allows driven wheels to turn at different speeds by applying different amounts of torque depending on the load transfer from the inner to the outer front axle wheel.

Function & Features
- Increases the maximum cornering speed : about 5% increase of maximum turning speed.
- Wheel slip in specific conditions is reduced and understeering on cornering minimized.

N Power Sense Axle

N Power Sense Axle

The Veloster N’s front axle benefits from an enhanced Lateral stiffness and reduced weight compared to the standard model. The N Power Sense Axle sends fast and precise feedback from the front axle to the driver, improving grip and transferring engine power to the road effectively.

Major Features
- Increase lateral stiffness through optimization of front axle structure and weight reduction.
- Provides intuitive driving experience even in harsh conditions by promptly detecting and responding to driver’s fine steering wheel operation.


Improving steering function

Applying new MDPS logic for high performance model

N dedicated bucket-type seat

N Corner Carving Differential

Side and shoulder bolster reinforced bucket seat for dynamic seat comfort and lateral support.

① Increasing the sense of support and hugging by increasing the volume of the shoulder and the side bolster.
② Emphasize the unity of front head restraint and seat back to emphasize bucket seat image.

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