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N Grin Control System

N Grin Control System

Drivers of the Veloster N can choose from five individual drive modes in the N Grin Control System : Eco, Normal, Sport, N and N Custom settings, which can be activated by using the two dedicated buttons on the steering wheel.

The different modes change the character of the car, adjusting the parameters of the engine, the dampers, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), N Corner Carving Differential, engine sound, steering and Rev-matching. In the N Custom mode, drivers can select from Eco, Normal, Sport and Sport+ settings for each high-performance component to match driving preferences and road conditions.

Main screen

Custom mode

Performance Timer

G-Force / Turbo Boost


N Power Sense Axle

The feature compensates engine speed to reduce clutch engagement shock and increase responsiveness by matching engine RPM with shift RPM during shifting.

Function & Features

- Improved driving stability by avoiding rapid torque change when connecting clutch after shifting.
- Automatically operate as the ‘Heel & Toe’ maneuver when down-shift.

Heel & Toe?

Heel & Toe?

Operating the throttle and brake pedals simultaneously with the right foot, while facilitating normal activation of the clutch with the left foot.
It is used when braking and downshifting simultaneously (prior to entering a turn), and allows the driver to raise the engine speed and smoothly engage the clutch.

Pops and Crackles

Heel & Toe?

Implement sporty exhaust sound similar to BACKFIRE of racing car with engine control at TIP-OUT during driving.

Major features

- Generates explosive sound by retarding ignition-timing during TIP-OUT while driving.
- Maximizes sound performance by coordinated control with variable exhaust system.

Color graph at the moment of Pops and crackles

Variable Exhaust Valve System

Depending on the drive mode, the customer can select different exhaust sounds and thus manage to actively control the exhaust valve. The sound differs with the size of the valve opening. The twin-outlet active exhaust has several settings, allowing the car to increase the amount of exhaust sound from normal to decidedly powerful.

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