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Warranty Protection plan

Hyundai Protection Plan

To ensure your beloved car receives excellent service and repairs, we provide highly skilled technicians and 100% genuine parts. You can trust us to take care of your car.

HPP (Hyundai Protection Plan)
It is a program ready to immediately extend the warranty coverage according to your needs when the new car warranty expires. This is to give you peace of mind with the extended warranty coverage for up to 5 years or 140,000 km to ensure the quality of your car.

Hyundai Driveline Protection (HDP)
provides coverage for major parts.

Hyundai Premium Protection (HPP)
protects all 12 major component groups, comprising more than 8,000 individual items, including:

●Front and rear axles
●Electrical system
●Air conditioning system
●Fuel system
●Brake system
●Suspension system
●Cooling system
●Emissions control system
●Steering system
●High-tech system

You can choose to extend the protection plan period according to your needs, in addition to the new car warranty. The options are as follows:

● 12 months or 120,000 km.
● 24 months or 140,000 km.

Note: All of this information is general and cannot replace the specific terms and conditions of the warranty. Please refer to the warranty manual for clear details, which can be requested from an authorized Hyundai dealer.

To inquire for more information, please contact the service consultant at any Hyundai service center nationwide.