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The all-new KONA : N Line | Hyundai GT

  • The all-new KONA

    The all-new KONA

High Performance KONA
with More Dynamics

The back of a red The all-new KONA driving on a road in the forest

A Sporty SUV with Modern Edges

A N Line-exclusive design, created to enhance performance.

The N Line exclusive silver side skirt that wraps around the lower body 360 degrees and an add-on
wing type spoiler with twin muffler are exceptionally designed to enhance aerodynamic performance.

A close-up of the lefe wing spoiler on a red The all-new KONA

Add-on wing type spoiler

A close-up of the left front bumper of a red The all-new KONA

Wing-shaped lower bumper design

A close-up of the twin mufflers of a red The all-new KONA

Twin muffler

A close-up of ther silver side skirt on the lefe side of the red The all-new KONA

Silver side skirt

Sport your own look

N Line exclusive interior

Adding a little flair to your performance

The sleek dashboard interior design maximizes cabin space and enhances the overall aesthetic.

N Line-exclusive authentic leather/Alcantara combination seats

The vehicle's sleek design and spacious interior offer a comfortable and modern driving experience.
The center armrest provides additional comfort and support for the driver and passengers.
Visit The all-new KONA Digital Studio

Visit The all-new KONA
Digital Studio

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