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The front of an IONIQ 5 with blue artwork projected onto it.
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Power your art: Bringing light into darkness with the IONIQ 5

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The IONIQ 5 is designed to power your life wherever you are. But what about larger-than-life light installations? We teamed up with visual artist Philipp Frank to show just how powerful our electric car can be.

Light and video artist Philipp Frank creates large-scale light installations in natural settings. He needs electrical power for his equipment and is usually assisted by generators or custom-made batteries. With an IONIQ 5, he could take all his equipment, and his latest light installation, to a more remote location and power his art with the car instead.

My work has always been constrained by power.
Now, it can be anywhere. It’s pure freedom.PHILIPP FRANK

Philipp Frank was born in the late 1970s and grew up in Paris and Munich. As a new media artist, he creates art at the intersection of art and technology. He started as a street artist, and his work has evolved from paint to projection. "I used to paint on dead trees and rocks," he says, "but I love that with light installations, I don't have to leave anything behind." Today, he creates mesmerizing, visually enchanting pieces using light, projections, and photography.


Specialized in site-specific works, Philipp Frank uses light to create his video art installations, LED light objects, and immersive 360º shows. Talking about his work, he says that his pieces are "mostly influenced by nature, geometry, and the universe. I'm inspired by light, shapes, and organic forms. I'm inspired by everything I see in nature, from the forests to the mountains to the sea. Most of the art I project has organic, repetitive structures that you can find in the natural world," says Philipp.

I’m inspired by everything I see in nature, from the forests to the mountains to the sea.PHILIPP FRANK

Bringing light into darkness

He created an installation using the IONIQ 5, which is "an abstract visual story about growth and cycles," he says. "In the beginning, we have very small particles. While they grow, they transform in shape and color until they cover the whole rock, creating mesmerizing visuals. Then, they dissolve into small particles again. Just like in the universe where everything evolves in cycles. Like breathing, day and night and waves at the beach."

ioniq5 charge

Powering art with the IONIQ 5

Assisted by the IONIQ 5, Philipp chose a more isolated location for his installation. He found the perfect place in a nature reserve, in a small valley with a background of forest and rocks that provided soft colors and beautiful contrasts. Philipp used a converter to power his art here and used the V2L function in the IONIQ 5. This power outlet can supply up to 3.6 kW, which was more than enough to power up Philipp's electrical equipment.

With this much power, you might think that it would take a long time to charge the IONIQ 5. But, with a 350-kW charger, IONIQ 5 can charge from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes. You only need to charge the vehicle for five minutes to get 100 km of range.

The IONIQ 5 helped Philipp carry a larger projector into the forest than he would normally be able to do. He was also able to power the projector with the car. Getting into the IONIQ 5 was like "stepping into the future," he says, and he now "feels inspired to take my art into some very remote places." He's currently working on some concepts which will use “specific trees like Dragon Blood trees, for example, which only grow on certain islands, and special rock formations, to create new light installations in nature." He also wants to "create new art pieces which haven't been done before."

man back-view

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