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A close up of Ella Mills’ face. She is standing in front of a blue and green background and is wearing her green Team Century jersey and a couple of necklaces. She has long brown hair and blue eyes.

Ella Mills: Promoting Sustainability through Nutrition

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Our latest Team Century member promotes sustainability from the inside out. Ella Mills is an award-winning cookery author, entrepreneur, and champion of plant-based living. Read on to learn how Ella’s nutritional goals support human health and global sustainability.

Ella launched her popular recipe website,, 10 years ago. Originally the website was intended to be a personal project, a way to encourage herself to fall in love with plant-based food and make healthy eating delicious. Unexpectedly her journey – as chronicled on her website – struck a chord with millions of health and environmentally conscious people worldwide. This interest led Ella to create a community of three million people across social media, launch a wellbeing app, a range of plant-based food products into retail and write numerous best-selling cookbooks, all under the Deliciously Ella brand.

Ella Mills standing in the doorway of a restaurant. She has one hand on one side of the door frame, she has long brown hair and blue eyes and is wearing a black pullover and black pants.

The following interview with Ella explains why sustainability and being part of Hyundai’s Goal of the Century team is important for her goal of uniting everyone around a sustainable approach for our future.


So, Ella, are you a football fan?

Growing up, my brother was a massive football fan, and my husband is too, so there’s always football on in our house! I take my two little girls to football lessons on the weekend too, they’re slowly getting the hang of it and feel very proud when they get the ball into the net.

Ella Mills standing with her back to the camera. She is standing in front of a light background, she she is wearing a green Team Century jersey with Mills, 27 and Team Century written on the back.

By making a small change in the way we eat, we can get closer to reach our goal of the century. ELLA MILLS, TEAM CENTURY MEMBER


What has been the most memorable goal for you so far?

On a professional level, the biggest goal I have scored has undoubtedly been getting the company to the point it is today. Scaling a company is incredibly challenging, each step forward brings new and unexpected challenges, and you have to pick yourself up time and time again. The motivation to keep pushing comes from our community. Nothing makes me prouder than hearing the difference we make to people’s lives. My long-term goal is to spread this message even further, helping thousands, maybe even millions of people to improve their health and wellbeing.


Why did you join the Team Century?

I’m passionate about Hyundai’s goal to unite everyone around a sustainable approach to our future. We desperately need to make a change and if I can help with that in any way then it’s truly an honor.

Ella Mills standing in her kitchen in front of a big window. She is drizzling olive oil on top of a dish that is ready to go into the oven. She is wearing a white cardigan and blue jeans.
Ella Mills standing behind a kitchen counter grating lemon zest into a cup filled with other ingredients. She is wearing a dark blue jumper and blue jeans.

What are the three main things everyone can do to support us in reaching our “Goal of the century”?

Changing the way that we eat, more plants, for more people, more of the time. It’s about making small, simple changes – trying meat-free Monday, incorporating an extra portion of fruit or veg into each meal and cutting back on your animal protein intake. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, but we do need to collectively move closer to a plant-based diet, given it’s the only sustainable option for the future.

Ella Mills standing facing the camera with her Team Century jersey in her hands. She is wearing a gray pullover and black pants and her Team Century jersey is green and blue with Mills, 27 and Team Century written on it.

Why did you choose number 27?

Ever since I started Deliciously Ella I’ve been very conscious of the impact of our lifestyles on the environment, but becoming a parent really sharpened this focus. Suddenly the need to protect our planet for the future became incredibly tangible. The 27th (of July) is the date of my first daughter’s birthday and marks that shift in my mindset and that increased passion to shape our future.

You made plant-based and vegan eating approachable to many. What are your next goals and vision?

To continue to expand that. Changing the preconceptions that this type of food is boring and bland is key. We have to enjoy what we eat for it to be truly sustainable, it’s impossible to make long-term change if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing.

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