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A determined-looking avatar and his team of robotic friends and mobility helpers are ready to explore all the exciting Hyundai Future Adventure maps.

Hyundai x Roblox:
Putting next-level mobility in the fast lane

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2021 was a special milestone for Hyundai Motor Company. That year, we became the first global automobile brand to create and offer six virtual spaces on Roblox for users to explore and interact with. Under the banner Hyundai Mobility Adventure, we got things in the metaverse moving to a future beat by showcasing a range of fascinating mobility lifestyles.

Now, the adventure continues, because every visionary experience deserves another – especially when it’s about connecting with Generation Z, Alpha, and beyond. We are very excited to present Hyundai Future Adventure: the next thrilling chapter of our Roblox experience. Read on to learn more about Hyundai’s vision of tomorrow’s mobility and how we all get there.

Game-changing mobility starts here

Hyundai Future Adventure is an exhilarating and immersive escape OBBY (Escape & Obstacle Course) where participants can interact and compete on six different maps. Each one revolves around a future mobility theme that Hyundai is advancing today, including robotics, IONIQ, hydrogen, and AAM (advanced air mobility). Time to leave the everyday behind and enter a world of imagination and action because every map is full of challenges, missions, obstacles, and new rewards. Are you prepared for an ice-cold assignment in Antarctica or a high-stakes cosmic chase? Ready to test your skills and sense of adventure in the lab, on the road, above the clouds, and even in space? Yes! Then, Hyundai Future Adventure is waiting for you and other players.

In a high-tech lab, two adventurous avatars are ready for action in the Roblox Hyundai Future Adventure metaverse.

H-tech campus

At this future campus, we mix higher learning with even higher tech. However, this Ivy League of Innovation is everything but "back to school". Take control of pioneering technology like PBVs (Purpose-built Vehicles) and Hyundai Motor Company's MobED (Mobile Eccentric Droid) as you navigate them through fantastic landscapes accompanied by an impressive fleet of bustling drones. Or drop by future-inspired mobility workrooms, coding labs, or smart farms and help build the next breakthroughs.

Using Hyundai’s advanced MobED and AAM, a male and female avatar can explore a high-tech campus in the Roblox metaverse.

HTWO waterpark

The power of hydrogen is brought to new heights in this action-packed and insightful waterpark world. Hop aboard and set a course for adventure in the Splash airship. As the brainchild of an aspiring young scientist, this hydrogen-powered flying wonder is just the start. Enjoy exciting, watery, and sometimes slippery obstacle courses that test your and other team player's desire to stay dry. And don't miss our special hydrogen highlight – the revolutionary N Vision 74 high-performance concept car. Get ready for some wet and wild fun!

An avatar and Hyundai's MobED navigate a watery obstacle course and get a close-up look at the N Vision 74 high-performance concept car.

Robotics lab

Want a peek inside a lab where future mobility legends are being made? Then, our robotics lab is the place to be! Here, dedicated engineers tirelessly work to explore new avenues in sustainable mobility. Step into the realm of cutting-edge robotic technology and join us in discovering and advancing the further development of remarkable robots. On the way, you'll team up with the very friendly AI service robot DAL-e and with MobED – a mobile robot that can overcome even the trickiest terrain. Various modifications are available, meaning you can configure your MobED to master every challenge.

An avatar zooms through a cutting-edge robotics lab, assisted by the AI service robot DAL-e and the all-terrain mobile robot MobED.
View of a control room with Avatars sitting in front of futuristic computers, with digital screens on the wall and a big globe on a pedestal in the middle of the room.

Spacecraft horizon

Ready to expand your interstellar horizons?
We thought so! Then, get space suited up and embark on a journey to the depths of the cosmos to explore uncharted worlds and more. Fortunately, you've got a space dream team on your crew: Atlas, the service robot, and a loyal four-legged friend SPOT. Together, you'll zoom through the Milky Way and beyond, land on mysterious planets, and fulfill important astro-missions. But not everything is friendly out there! Be prepared for aliens who are ready to rumble. The chase is on!

Brave avatar space explorers and their trusted helpers, Atlas, the service robot, and SPOT, are on a planet fulfilling a crucial cosmic mission.

Botanic garden

Give the term "green thumb" a new meaning in this intriguing garden landscape powered by eco-friendly energy – just as sustainable as our all-electric IONIQ vehicles! Explore with other players a landscape full of action and hidden surprises. Race through challenging obstacle courses, navigate unchartered terrain, and master tricky situations. And when it’s time for a break, enjoy some relaxing cabin life, all set in a fascinating sustainable ecosystem. It's like camping, just with 100% more action!

Two avatars are enjoying cabin life in a sustainable and garden-like atmosphere, along with IONIQ and a ready-for-action camp set-up.


Warm up to a chilling adventure in the coldest place on earth. In this icy expanse at the world's edge, we set out to rescue our animal friends. Aiding us in our rescue mission is the all-terrain mobile robot MobED and our future-ready AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) eye-in-the-sky helper. We're well prepared, but the journey is everything but easy: snowstorms, thin ice, and thunderous crashing glaciers are among the many challenges!

A running avatar on a polar rescue mission. It must overcome various obstacles in this icy metaverse.
A cozy, eco-friendly cabin landscape with two equally sustainable, all-electric IONIQ vehicles.

Desirable items

Hyundai Future Adventure is new in every way, including that players can now, for the first time, purchase exciting Hyundai items in Roblox. Look forward to an intriguing array of treasures like Hyundai-branded beanies, a bag containing eco-friendly hydrogen energy, attachable robot arms, and an exclusive collection of Hyundai Motor Studio merchandise. Accessorize your Roblox journey and discover the future of mobility in style! Collect free items while purchasing new and exciting ones to show off to others. Stay tuned: all items are regularly updated.

Some of the Hyundai Future Adventure characters are showcased in the Roblox metaverse.

Building the future together

At Hyundai Motor Company, we are dedicated to continually advancing mobility solutions for a sustainable and empowered tomorrow. Our new Hyundai Future Adventure invites everyone to immerse themselves in a captivating landscape where fantasy and future reality come together.

We are proud and excited to participate in this continuing cooperation with Roblox and look forward to reaching new goals together.
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