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A close-up of Jeremy Scott’s head and shoulders. He has dark hair and is wearing a colorful necklace and the green Team Century shirt.

Jeremy Scott:
Designing a sustainable future

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Designer. Icon. Pop culture figure. Enfant terrible. Jeff Koons of the fashion world. Jeremy Scott has been labelled all of these and more. For him there are no style, pattern or material boundaries and certainly no conventions. Creating pieces that are always exciting, unique, and completely unexpected.

It’s led Jeremy to creating iconic clothes for Madonna, Kanye West, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga and the larger-than-life Bjork, whom he helped evolve many of her internet-breaking looks.

Jeremy Scott sitting at a desk in his studio. There are bookshelves behind him and lots of papers scattered around this desk. He is working on the Team Century shirt.

Not bad for a boy from Kansas, who was taught to sew by his Grandma, who herself was an avid crocheter and quilter. Giving Jeremy the tools and skills to start designing his own clothes and looks. You can image some of the stares a rural farm town would offer to his bright, daring and challenging garments. From there he never looked back, studying in New York and then flying straight to Paris where he founded his famed label in 1997. Since then, he has made as many headlines as the clothes he has, with striking collaborations with ADIDAS Originals, Louboutin and Longchamp.

And one to never back down from a challenge, Jeremy is now taking on his next goal, a world for sustainability. And we are proud to have Jeremy as a Team Century member, who will help us all unite under one truly eye-catching banner.


What does sustainability mean to you
in general?

“For me, it’s the idea of viewing fashion and clothing as collectible pieces to be treasured and passed down to a relative, child or friend: that is how I would love for everyone to view it. Recycling and reusing are what fashion should all be about. It’s what I’ve always done, and will always do.”

We have to pay attention to this beautiful planet we live on to take care of it as it's taking care of us for centuries. JEREMY SCOTT, TEAM CENTURY MEMBER

Do sustainability and fashion go together in your eyes?

“Well yes, especially when thinking about one’s personal style and cultivating it over time and with it retaining something personal, which for me is the only way fashion can be!”

Tell us about the shirt that you created for Goal of the Century?

“I was just really excited when Hyundai asked me about doing this jersey. They upcycle materials to design new things, and that’s what I did when it comes to this jersey. No matter what language someone speaks: pop iconography, these are symbols that are universal. So, with the Goal of the Century, I thought what I could do, is to create a something we can all wear, together.”

A close up of an illustration on the Team Century jersey that Jeremy Scott designed for Team Century. The illustration consists of a world map and the different continents have smiley faces.
Jeremy Scott sitting at his desk and arranging fabrics. He has dark hair and is wearing a black cropped shirt and colorful necklace. Behind him is a shirt on a mannequin and a board covered in colorful maps.

What motivated you to join
Team Century?

“I am a fashion designer, yes but I am also an artist, collector, creator, and more. I never limit myself and I constantly challenge myself. To me, any pursuit that requires dedication and passion, I relate to it. I believe that creativity and drive are contagious! To be part of this newly formed team is such an honour and privilege, and I’m here to create new conversations, ideas, and solutions for our planet!”

Jeremy Scott standing against a green background and holding the Team Century shirt that he designed. He is wearing a dark cropped shirt and colorful necklace. On the shirt, Scott, 23 and Team Century are written in blue lettering.

So, why did you choose number 23?

“It’s such an iconic number in sport, which tends to be worn by players who not only change the game but also the world. They use their skills as a platform for more than sport, becoming ambassadors and leaders. This number is more than famous. It’s the number I strive to be.”

Visual artists, entrepreneurs, champions of plant-based eating, world-renowned footballers… Team Century has them all. Want to find out what each member of Team Century brings to the team on our quest to score the Goal of the Century(GOTC)? Follow Hyundai (@hyundai ) on Instagram to see them all in action.


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