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Woman footballer running from an 1890s pitch in black and white toward the well-lit stadium of a 2023 Women’s World Cup™ match.

The road we’ve traveled:
The 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup™

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The FIFA Women's World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™ has almost come to an end, marking the culmination of an epic journey. The tournament was co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand and tallied 64 events involving 32 countries. Across the tournament, this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup™ was officially the most attended – with 1.5 million tickets sold in just 5 days. As we celebrate the journey with the players and loyal fans, we now take another step toward shaping the future of women's football.

Scene from Hyundai Motor Company’s World Cup campaign film of a 19th century woman dribbling a football through a market in the woods

Reducing the month-long tournament to 64 matches that simply determine the winners does not do the history of women's football justice. From its humble beginnings in the backyard of a factory in 19th-century England to becoming a sport enjoyed by millions worldwide, the voices of the fans who have supported the game are woven into the fabric of the FIFA Women's World Cup™.
Hyundai, who has been sponsoring the tournament since 1999, presents this video to pay tribute to everyone who has played a part in bringing women's football to where it is today.

See how far we’ve come

In celebration of the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup™, Hyundai Motor Company embarked on various initiatives to sculpt a campaign where individuals could showcase their talents and abilities – regardless of gender, nationality, or age.

Image of the entryway of the shiny, modern, metal structure of the angular FIFA Museum in Sydney that is made of recycled materials.
View inside the FIFA Museum’s special exhibition “Calling the Shots: Faces of Women’s Football”, showing two walls telling a story of women’s football and housing memorabilia from various events.

Hyundai further celebrated the tournament by hosting the special exhibition “Calling the Shots: Faces of Women’s Football” at the FIFA Museum as part of the FIFA Fan Festival™ located in Tumbalong Park, Sydney. The exhibition celebrates the heritage of all players, staff, and supporters who have contributed to the development of the FIFA Women’s World Cup™. Also, the FIFA Museum was built using recycled materials which highlights the company’s vision for sustainability.

We at Hyundai are also happy to have resumed our partnership with Common Goal, a charitable organization that leads social movement in the global football industry, to raise awareness of the Goal of the Century campaign and bring its message to football fans.

Image of a group of women from various nations posing in bright shirts behind an orange “Equality is everyone’s game” picture frame.

Hyundai provided a total of 371 fleet vehicles to FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™. Of these, 102 vehicles are eco-friendly hybrid electric (HEV) and battery electric (BEV) vehicles, ranging from the IONIQ 5, Santa Fe HEV, to the GV70 EV.

Image of Latino, Indian, and African fans dressed in their favorite football team’s colors cheering the women’s teams on with an IONIQ 5 lighting up the parking lot.
Australian women’s football team celebrating together on the pitch with fans in the stadium and the Hyundai-sponsor advertising board in the background.

The road ahead

Counting this year’s FIFA Women's World Cup™, Hyundai has been a sponsor for seven consecutive tournaments. Since the first tournament held in 1991, we have sponsored every FIFA Women's World Cup™ since 1999, except for the first two.

Hyundai joins fans and players in celebrating this tournament and supporting the continuous growth of women's football. As a long-time fan of the FIFA Women's World Cup™ and women's football, Hyundai dreams of a world where everyone has equal opportunities. With this vision in mind, Hyundai will persistently strive to help individuals achieve their goals and aspirations, whatever their background.

You can continue to follow the path we are taking on Hyundai's global account by following @hyundai on Instagram.


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