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The Speed and Agility Our Post-COVID World Needs Right Now

The Speed and Agility
Our World Needs Right Now

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Covid-19 shook the world we knew, but looking at how South Korea successfully dealt with the pandemic, shows us that speed and agility are critical, if the human race is going to recover.


Learning from this successful response

Covid-19 saw the rapid decline of many economies, industries and systems. It was South Korea’s use of innovation that helped the country pivot to success – using AI to create a testing kit in a few days, meant officials could quickly react to the Covid-19 outbreak with widespread testing. So, what can we learn from this innovative response?

Hyundai Motor, a South Korean company, shares this same approach when it comes to its values, initiatives and promises. And keeping these at the center of everything Hyundai does, is what is helping to drive change in the world, transforming it into what humanity needs now and in the future.


South Korea’s ‘Creative Economy’ initiative invests in incubators and networking opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. Hyundai CRADLE shares this same startup philosophy of using venture investment to revolutionize the automotive industry by researching the field of digital transformation. Then, integrate our findings into future innovation in concepts such as autonomous driving, smart cities and green energy to create meaningful mobility solutions for all.

Entrepreneurial invention

Democratized invention

The success of South Korea’s drive-thru Covid-19 testing inspired another great invention: The “walk-through” booth at Yangji Hospital was a way to broaden testing, safely. Broad access to technology that promotes safety and self-sufficiency is a strong focus for Hyundai, with the SONATA Smart Park being a tangible proof point of this.

Democratized invention

Mobile invention

Seoul has one of the world’s most efficient urban transport systems but gridlock is still a reality.

Imagine calling for a Personal Air Vehicle that transfers you to an autonomous vehicle that customizes to your personal preferences? It might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but Hyundai is taking a contemporary approach to combat traffic congestion by investing $1.5B to let commuters fly above the gridlock as part of their Urban Aviation Mobility (UAM) project.

Air vehicle

Clean invention

South Korea spends over 4.2% of its GDP on R&D in many groundbreaking areas, including hydrogen energy and the necessary infrastructure to smartly power the country today and well into the future. Hyundai is leading the charge with its “FCEV Vision 2030” with the aspiration of producing 700,000 fuel cell systems annually by 2030 to encourage the use of renewable energy.

Already the highest-selling hydrogen automaker, Hyundai delivers accessible, clean, and safe hydrogen mobility with its award-winning NEXO SUV, which brings hydrogen efficiency and value to the masses.

Clean Invention

If we are going to progress for humanity, it takes future thinking, today. Speed and agility merged with innovation and vision, means our world not only survives but thrives.


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