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#Thisisus. Humanity prevails.

Humanity prevails.


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There is one thing that COVID-19 has reminded us: humans are undeniably fragile. In our pre-pandemic lives, perhaps we were so busy living the daily lives that we just forgot about this fact.

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All the crisis and catastrophe we go through in our lives brings our own resilience to the light. Tough times have always revealed the wide spectrum of human experiences and emotions: compassion, hope, fear, and anxiety. It has been an eventful time. We have struggled. We have cried. We have supported one another. We have shown heartfelt compassion. We have experienced real loss and genuine loneliness, sometimes for the very first time.

It’s as if a mirror has been held up to the world, for us to reflect on who we humans really are. Strong, yet at the same time, surprisingly fragile.

But this period has revealed far more than our human emotions, traits and vulnerabilities. It has revealed our humanity. In the past weeks and months, we have witnessed unimaginable acts of kindness and bravery, fueled by our instinctive desire to help each other.
The paramedics who are on the frontlines of the Covid-19 outbreak. The employees who have donated their money to help communities were hit hard by the crisis. Those who are brewing coffee for the doctors and nurses who are fighting the pandemic. These heroes are an antidote to the current situation.

Humanity is here. In a 12-hour shift in the hospital, a Covid-19 care package, a handwritten note to the lady next door. Humanity is a shining smile amongst a sea of anxious faces. It’s about connecting with people or cooking extra food for others. It’s about putting aside old arguments and realizing what’s important in terms of what we value the most. Humanity is taking a moment to reflect on who we really are. From around the world, we’ve seen communities coming together to help and support one another. We’ve surprised ourselves with our own humanity.

Humanity-prevails humanity is here

So, where do we progress from here?

Being human is a given. But keeping our humanity is a choice. What kind of world do we choose to create now? This is our moment of change. The perfect time to decide who we want to be, where we’re headed and how we want to progress.
The virus is affecting us all. Because we are all connected, we feel like we have to do something for others. This is an invitation not only to work together but create something better together. We have seen how our creativity prevails in times of crisis and it should continue. This time is our blank canvas. Our moment of opportunity. To find new ways to progress. For All Humanity.


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