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Time to Recharge: Downloadable inspiration from our communit

Time to Recharge:
Downloadable inspiration
from our community

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In 2020, Hyundai asked us to ‘be in charge’. The all-electric IONIQ line-up finally brought forth the opportunity to enjoy a more customized, personalized experience inside and outside your car. It also allowed us to take charge of the future for ourselves and our communities by making the choice to drive an electric vehicle. Yes, together we’re in charge.

To be in charge, however, we must first recharge. Taking care of ourselves is a key part of continuing to make a positive impact on society and our planet. But how do we do that in these extraordinary times? We asked, and our community answered. For many, ‘recharging’ means getting away from it all. Even when travel isn’t possible, your Hyundai can be a great getaway. Ergonomic design is a focus of all Hyundai line-ups, and our aim is to make the interior of your car a place you can relax when you’re on the road.

But relaxing isn’t the only way to recharge. As the new year gets underway, we looked back at the many lessons there are to learn from 2020 – not least from some of the inspiring individuals we journeyed with along the way.

To be in charge, we must first recharge.

Be Open to Discovery

Keep your eyes open and go with the flow STEFANIE MICHOVA

Travel changed for everyone in 2020, and we were forced to find new ways of getting a change of scenery. In taking part in our Micro Travel challenge, photographer and model Stefanie Michova highlighted an approach to travel that we can take into many areas of life. "Keep your eyes open and go with the flow," she said, offering a piece of advice we can take into 2021 and beyond.

Stefanie Michova
Malin Fezehai

Let Your Passion Drive You

Photographer and visual journalist Malin Fezehai's work takes her all around the world. Late last year she shared her work with us, sharing the broad range of topics she explores through the lens, from surfing to climate displacement. It's her passion for her craft that helps her stay in charge. Her advice that we can all take into 2021: "Focus on what you're really interested in."

Learn to Live with Imperfection

Take something that isn’t perfect and make it special. ROSH MAHTANI

"Take something that isn't perfect and make it special." Wise words from jewelry designer Rosh Mahtani who took part in our Re:Style 2020 fashion event. Her sustainable and ethical approach to design is built on the idea that the world is already full of treasures that can be used, and our imagination is all that's needed to unlock its potential.

Spend time on what gives you energy, and less on what takes it away.

Seek inspiration

To gather more inspiring words of wisdom to take forward into the new year,
we asked our community on Instagram how they recharge and reflect in order to stay in charge.

We received many varied responses and turned the community's favorites into a set of free digital Time to Recharge wallpapers. These wallpapers are there to help you recharge and stay inspired every day. They are available to download below.

Look at the sky, be grateful and keep going

Download this wallpaper as a PNG for

Do what makes you happy

Download this wallpaper as a PNG for

Even if today is hard. Tomorrow is a better day

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Download this wallpaper as a PNG for


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