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Evan Schapiro

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Here we stand in 2020, a year represented in sci-fi movies with flying cars and floating touchscreens. But as eager as we are to catch up with the movies, we at Hyundai keep our mission of Progress for Humanity front and center. Never forgetting humanity.

The future is now,
and we are ready.

Mobility visiton hub

We have a proven track record in providing high-performing, reliable cars to our customers. But people expect more, and Hyundai has evolved into a Smart Mobility Solution Provider.

While we could have focused on simply utilizing the best technology to build prototypes for the flashiest car yet, we knew it was most important to focus on the future of humanity. We set up an advisory group made of leaders in engineering, architecture, urban design, political science and psychology. And we asked them simply: what are the most important functions of a human-focused city?

To care.
To enable.
To vitalize.

A city should care for its people – presenting visions and opportunities for all.

A city should enable – providing infrastructure and services allowing citizens efficient, smart routes.

A city should vitalize connections between residents by creating public spaces that integrate them.

Mobility can vitalize communities naturally and organically. And we are thinking past cars, trains, buses. Mobility can do much more. It can provide a place of meditation or education. It can enable unexpected interactions or connect us with common interests. The future of mobility will define urban identity and encourage belonging, community and self-expression.


Legacy Leaders

Let’s look at a real city – a Legacy Leader – with high private sector innovation, a growing population and an overwhelmed infrastructure: San Francisco.
How can San Francisco overcome its urban sprawl and aging infrastructure?
How can mobility solutions be created that are worthy of its dynamic, diverse residents?

San francisco future city

The answer is literally up in the air.
Urban Air Mobility, Purpose Built Vehicles and Hub community spaces will revolutionize urban mobility and vitalize city-dwellers.

Introducing your city
of the future.

Urban air mobility s-a1

A revolution
in city travel is beginning.

Introducing the first vehicle of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and the electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) – the S-A1. UAM reduces travel time, liberates us from grid-lock and makes flight an option for everyone.

Smart Mobility Solution Provider for Human-Centered Cities

It’s time to utilize urban air space to connect communities like never before. And we have partnered with Uber Elevate to bring you on-demand urban air mobility – all in safe, quiet, affordable and passenger-centered vehicles. Truly rising to the occasion.

Urban air mobility uber
A living space on wheels – the PBV at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020) in Las Vegas.

A living space on wheels – the PBV at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020) in Las Vegas.

S-Link, the PBV concept is doing the groundwork in the quest for seamless mobility. A living space on wheels – the PBV allows us to work and live as we follow the flow of our days. This vehicle is the definition of human-centric and is the key to future urban mobility. The PBV aspires to be as iconic San Francisco’s cable cars and will be an unmistakable presence on roads and in public spaces.

Purpose built vehicle

The Hub is at the center of new urban mobility. As the link between air-based UAM and ground-based PBV, the Hub serves to connect people and build community. And of course, it is more than just a station. The Hub is a transformative space, changing form and function based on need.

New urban mobility hub

Progress for Humanity.
Because of You.

With UAM, PBV and the Hub, Hyundai is building the platforms for the future of city life. These innovations are more than vehicles. They can address issues from traffic jams to the housing crisis and reshape the way we spend our time. With these innovations, Hyundai continues is legacy of putting humanity first.


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