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A Performance Blue Matte Hyundai IONIQ 5 N driving out from the shadows with its white parametric headlights on.
High performance N

The story of electrifying N

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For Hyundai Motor Company, the journey with N is defined by innovation and relentless determination. It's where brilliant minds and top talents converge and give life to ground-breaking concepts. Join us as we unveil the highly anticipated IONIQ 5 N!

At Hyundai Motor Company, we have taken an ambitious leap into the world of high-performance electric vehicles with IONIQ 5 N. Welcome to a thrilling new era of driver-focused EVs where power, precision, and passion collide in an electrifying symphony of speed and sustainability.

In this story, we are pioneers in the electrified high-performance frontier. Electrifying the high-performance experience itself, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with exhilarating prowess to craft an impressive EV that’s built for the racetrack.

Two images of two Hyundai IONIQ N cars side by side. The car on the left is covered in a N dedicated camouflage design and the car on the right is Performance Blue Matte standing under a spotlight. Both cars have their whit parametric headlights on.

As such, IONIQ 5 N elevates the three pillars of N performance – Corner Rascal, Racetrack Capability, and Everyday Sportscar – leveraging motorsport-bred technologies and years of development in our ‘Rolling Lab’.

IONIQ 5 N proudly stands as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance, all while embracing the electrified future of the automotive world. It offers Nthusiasts an extraordinary fusion of innovation and adrenaline, whether on the road or the track.

With a host of exclusive features and a pedigree steeped in motorsport excellence, the IONIQ 5 N is poised to redefine the essence of true high-performance vehicles. Are you ready to embrace the future of electrified driving with the IONIQ 5 N?

 A Performance Blue Matte Hyundai IONIQ N driving around a corner on a racetrack with its white parametric headlights on.

It’s not just about increasing power. It’s about increasing cornering confidence.

Making this happen was an uphill battle. And we had mountains to climb.

Anyone can drive fast in the straights. But it’s conquering corners that sets a high-performance EV apart from the rest.

Mastering the EV has been the fruit of relentless dedication spanning a decade of accumulating knowledge and data focused on one thing: conquering corners. With IONIQ 5 N, we had to transcend blindly increasing power and achieve fierce and poised cornering prowess.

Our first roadblock was the weight factor. After all, EVs are heavier than combustion engines and the heavier the car, the harder it becomes for the driver in high-speed corners.

A Hyundai IONIQ 5 N  covered in a N dedicated camouflage design driving through the snow. On the side of the car the N slogan Never Just Drive is written in white.

The N Pedal

The quest to balance N's weight while amplifying agility fueled the creation of the 'N Pedal,' which was achieved by reinterpreting conventional EV regenerative braking technology.

What sets the N Pedal apart is its innovative reinterpretation of the system, facilitating heightened weight transfer and instantaneous throttle response. The outcome? Precision in corner entry and rapid exits, coupled with unparalleled control and responsiveness.

For the love of driving, we went further to unleash the full potential of this beast.

N Torque Distribution

Our second challenge was bringing the cornering behavior of a WRC car to our iconic electrifying N. IONIQ 5 N is N’s first four-wheel drive EV, so we wanted to offer complete control for the driver – from the get-go.

That’s what inspired our N Torque Distribution. This cutting-edge solution empowers drivers with complete control over front and rear torque distribution, courtesy of powerful motors on each axle.

N Torque Distribution enables the customization of settings tailored to achieve peak cornering performance – regardless of the environment – to effortlessly overcome the high weight of an EV and deliver WRC-inspired handling at the touch of a button, ensuring confident cornering in all conditions.

i20 N WRC Rally 1 and IONIQ 5 N covered in a N dedicated camouflage driving throught the snow together.
i20 N WRC Rally 1 chasing the IONIQ 5 N covered in a N dedicated camouflage driving through the snow.

N Drift Optimizer

When it came to our quest to bring the thrill of drifting to a wider audience, that’s when we knew we had to break new ground. After all, we know that taming a 650PS beast isn't for the faint-hearted. So, fueled by the imagination of passionate petrolheads and unwavering determination, we came up with the N Drift Optimizer.

The IONIQ N Drift Optimizer helps you intelligently maintain the drift angle by responding in real-time – with speed, style, and precision despite minimal modifications. Once you’re done, the front motors immediately re-engage for full acceleration.

Beautifully balanced, intuitively responding to every single corner? That’s what we call a real Corner Rascal.

A Performance Blue Matte IONIQ 5 N driving along a racetrack leaving a trail of dust behind it.

An EV that’s built for the racetrack

N represents the culmination of unwavering determination, a testament to the relentless pursuit of perfection on the racetrack – particularly at the famed Nürburgring, where each N model undergoes meticulous refinement.

Our Hyundai N has its legacy at the Nürburgring 24hrs, securing 8 consecutive finishes and 3 TCR class victories. Yet, we find ourselves at the starting line once more, poised for a new challenge: electrifying racetrack capability with the purpose-built IONIQ 5 N.

IONIQ 5 N covered in a N dedicated camouflage speeding along a racetrack.
IONIQ 5 N covered in a N dedicated camouflage speeding along a racetrack.

Crafting a high-performance EV fit for the formidable circuit nicknamed Green Hell amplifies the complexity of every consideration. Weight, brakes, battery temperature: each element must undergo extreme testing to endure the world's most demanding track.

On the track, our N vehicles confront the full spectrum of harsh conditions, pushing the limits of battery engineering. We have learned that maintaining optimal battery temperature is vital for consistent, uncompromised performance.

That’s what inspired our revolutionary new features the: N Battery Pre-conditioning and the N Race. This innovation meticulously conditions battery temperatures before, during, and after rigorous track sessions, ensuring the IONIQ 5 N delivers peak performance without compromise.

N Battery Pre-conditioning

With N Battery Pre-conditioning, drivers can proactively set their desired battery temperature before they even hit the starting line. In the world of motorsports, a race isn't won in a single lap. That’s what makes our N Battery Pre-conditioning so invaluable; not only before the initial run but also after it, ensuring the batteries are primed for the next session.

For Drag mode, you can set the battery temperature between 30~40°C for a short burst of full power. For Track mode, you can set the battery temperature between 20~30 °C for multiple laps.

N Race

Meanwhile, the ‘N Race’ function optimizes the energy strategy while the car is driving on track. Sprint mode prioritizes power delivery for maximum performance, while Endurance mode gives you intelligent management of the peak power to maximize the track range and create an ideal performance window.

A view of the rear of a Performance Blue Matte IONIQ 5 N driving around a corner on a racetrack.
A close-up of the rear of a Hyundai IONIQ 5 N, an unseen person has laid their arm across the trunk and the red parametric taillights are lit up illuminating the N logo underneath.

Whatever the conditions on track, the batteries and the brakes have your back.

But of course, speed is nothing if you can’t stop. And for a powerful EV, this isn’t so easy. To do so, we needed to find a balance between consistent braking performance and battery degradation But it’s here that our N revolution truly began.

Our tests at the Nürburgring confirmed a consistent and surprising phenomenon: increasing the regenerative braking not only maximized braking power but also delayed the battery degradation point.

The key lies in the vast potential of the e-GMP. Efficiently harnessing the energy generated through regenerative braking, the e-GMP continues to function intelligently in the most demanding conditions that necessitate precise vehicle control.

N Brake Regen has revolutionized regenerative braking, achieving an industry-leading deceleration force of up to 0.6G. Whether it's making a sudden stop or undergoing repeated deceleration in racing scenarios, the IONIQ 5 N maintains unwavering braking power.

Infotainment System

And finally, we know racing is never a one-person game – that’s why we’ve transformed the infotainment system into your very own personalized racing crew.

IONIQ 5 N’s infotainment system is strategically positioned at your fingertips, sharing the most precise data at your beck and call. Rest assured, your personalized race crew is ready to ensure your IONIQ 5 N is track-ready, so you can race with confidence.

A close up of the steering wheel, dashboard, and the Luminous Orange N buttons inside the IONIQ 5 N.
Two Performance Blue Matte Hyundai IONIQ 5 N cars following each other on a winding road at dusk.

From the racetrack to the road

Because high performance can’t be defined just through numbers. No way.

You might be wondering – what fuels our unwavering commitment to N? What drives our irresistible passion to bridge the gap between racetracks and roads with EVs? One thing remains crystal clear – it's the pure exhilaration and thrill of driving that sets our hearts racing and our adrenaline surging.

It's a symphony of sounds, a dance of pulsating vibrations. With the immediate gear shift response, it's an exhilarating rush of adrenaline that defines the essence of high-performance driving. Initially, we faced the challenge of addressing the perceived 'lack of driving emotion' in many EVs. However, our mission was crystal clear: to deliver precise driver control and foster an immersive driving experience.

A front view of a Performance Blue Matte Hyundai IONIQ 5 N driving along a racetrack at sunset.

N Active Sound +

So, we embarked on a journey, beginning with sound – the most intuitive and direct form of communication a car can offer its driver. By harnessing the power of intelligent software and sound, our goal was to unearth the fresh voice of high-performance EVs, enabling drivers to wholeheartedly immerse themselves in the sheer joy of driving.

We did it in the form of three distinct themes.

The ‘Ignition’ theme simulates the sound of N’s 2.0T engines, the ‘Evolution’ theme captures the signature high-performance sound inspired by the RN22e, and the ‘Supersonic’ theme is inspired by twin-engine fighter jets offering variable volume during cornering.

N Active Sound+ is all about providing drivers with an acoustic reference to gauge the power that they are using in the car.

IONIQ 5 N covered in a N dedicated camouflage parked under blue lights with its white parametric headlights on.
A close up of the top of the rear window on a IONIQ 5 N covered in a N dedicated camouflage. Across the back of the car, the word ‘Drive’ is written in white.

Now that we have the underlying tune, it’s time to add the rhythm and beat.

N e-shift

After all, it’s always the movement and sound together that enhances the driving experience. That raw and shocking responsiveness that sends chills down our spine? We wanted to recreate that feeling in the IONIQ 5 N.

To provide a sense of control over power delivery, we meticulously simulated a gearshift by fine-tuning motor torque output at various levels, resulting in unparalleled precision and handling.

We enhanced driving precision by adding direct torque control, elevating the overall enjoyment of the driving experience. This means you can feel the electrifying sensation of precisely controlling the power of this 650PS EV.

 A view of the rear of a Performance Blue IONIQ 5 N driving around a corner on country road surrounded by trees.

At Hyundai N, driving still matters

For all the Nthusiasts out there, we hear you. We know you’re still hungry for more. From our prowess in motorsports to our ‘Rolling Lab’, and ongoing development of pioneering EV technology, one thing’s always certain with N, we “Never just drive”. The IONIQ 5 N is further proof of this.

We are starting a new and exciting chapter in the world of N. This chapter is not merely "electrified"; it's "electrify-ing" as our story is set to continue with IONIQ 5 N and the electrification of N for the future. Our story is far from over, and our promise is clear: N will continue to deliver its best, right up until the checkered flag drops.

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