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Carbon neutrality vision

#ExpectingGen1 Challenge with Hyundai × BTS

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As we await Generation One – the first generation to live in an emissions-free world – we’re inviting you all to join our exciting challenges on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. We’re teaming up with BTS once again to spread the word and get everyone involved. Read on to find out more.

Taking action for Generation One

Our ‘Expecting Generation One’ campaignis all about hope. It’s about our hope for the next generation whom we hope will live in an era of carbon neutrality. More than that, it shows that we are taking responsibility for looking after the planet for the next generation by realizing our 2045 Carbon Neutrality vision.

But, we need today’s young people to help us make our vision a reality. The younger generations are instrumental, especially as their decisions and actions over the coming years will shape the future of the planet. So, we’ve decided to invite people onto TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube – the three most widely used social platforms – and brought BTS on board as our messengers. With their help, we want to spread our message of hope and encourage everyone around the world to take positive action for Generation One.


The Challenges

The two challenges that make up our #ExpectingGen1 challenge are called #Move4Gen1 and #Pass2Gen1.

For #Move4Gen1, BTS members will dance in ways that symbolize the plus, minus, and zero signs. In this way, BTS will show us the significance of building a Net Zero earth and make the abstract concept of carbon neutrality fun.

bts j-hope

For the #Pass2Gen1 challenge, each of the BTS members will share their own messages for Generation One. We hope that by creating a relay challenge, in which everyone shares their ideas about making the earth beautiful, the audience will recognize the importance of carbon neutrality. We also want to show everyone why we’re working so hard to achieve this goal.

It’s all about having fun

The buzzword for the whole campaign is "fun". We took our Carbon Neutrality vision which is a somewhat distant concept for a younger audience and created some fun and engaging videos with BTS.

Actions speak louder than words and these challenges are a proof of that. By bringing the audience together to participate, dance, and create their own videos, we hope to remind them and others of the importance of building a carbon-neutral society.

A wise man once said, it’s not the person who tries the hardest who wins, but the one who has the most fun. Inspired by this, our #ExpectingGen1 challenge makes the serious topic of carbon neutrality fun and accessible.

rm and jin

All together for a net zero earth

In the #Move4Gen1 challenge, BTS members individually dance in ways that mimic the plus, minus, and zero signs. Through these easy-to-follow movements, we can all learn more about the concept of carbon neutrality and even raise awareness for the issue among friends and family.

The plus sign represents the carbon that is inevitably produced by our daily activities. The minus sign represents minimizing our carbon footprints through our efforts in the present and the future. And the zero represents a Net Zero World – the carbon-neutral world which Generation One can look forward to living in.

jin and rm
zero sign

Leaving a legacy

All the things that make this earth so beautiful may not be here to pass on if we fail to act for the next generation. The #Pass2Gen1 challenge is a reminder of what makes this earth so wonderful and the things we need to preserve as part of our legacy for the next generation.

Clean air, starlight, clean oceans, green forests, pure water, blue skies, and positive energy are just some of the things that BTS members want to pass on to Generation One. The relay message from BTS reminds us all why we all have to put our efforts to make a carbon-neutral society and makes the audience think about what they want to leave as a legacy.

Are you ready for the challenges? Follow Hyundai’s Instagram(@hyundai) to see BTS in action for Generation One.


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