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Two girls with surgical masks on working on an assignment together in a classroom setting.
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Future Mobility School: Helping Future Generations Dream of Mobility

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In the first year of middle school in South Korea, students – thanks to the “Free Learning Semester Program”– get to explore their dreams by trying out various career paths. Because mobility will play an increasingly significant and environmentally as well as socially responsible role in the future, Hyundai offers the Future Mobility School in the national program.

The Future Mobility School’s purpose is to give youth the opportunity to discover and comprehend the importance of mobility, even as a potential career path. Hyundai’s vision for the school complements the company’s mission to help future generations.

Committed to giving children the opportunity to realize their dreams and participate in the future of mobility, we will continue to help children understand Hyundai’s vision for the industry of mobility, find fulfilling career paths, and take a decisive step toward fulfilling their dreams – until we have reached every last child on this planet.

An unseen person in a white shirt holding a smartphone in landscape mode. On the phone’s screen is an image of the top of a blue car and underneath the phone there are drawings of a blue car from different angles.

Shaping the future through experience, not textbooks

The Future Motor School has given 46,400 students from 1,160 schools the chance to participate in their career education program since the Ministry of Education launched the “Free Learning Semester Program” in 2016. Reflecting high demand and interest in the mobility field, the scope of the program has been expanding year after year.

A big highlight of the program is the field trip to Hyundai Motor Company facilities such as the HMC Asan Plant, Hyundai Motorstudio, or HMC Motor Hall in Korea Job World, etc. These visits play a significant role in letting students experience the field of mobility.

A student in the Hyundai Future Mobility School wearing a blue shirt and glasses folding their hands on the desk and smiling underneath their surgical mask.

Students who did not behave in school come to the Future Mobility School and freely discuss and enjoy the class. This is the class that engages disinterested students. – LEE DONG YOON, A TEACHER OF DO SONG MIDDLE SCHOOL, GUMI

Is the curriculum satisfying both students and teachers?

The Future Mobility School has been teaching students special topics such as “The New Mobility World” and “A Special Future Created by Me and Mobility”. Also, its curriculum is constantly being developed to let students be part of special experiences like building an automotive vehicle. Along with that, the Future Mobility School is moving from a traditional lecture-style class to programs centered on actual doing, hands-on experience, and debate to nurture students to develop their creative problem-solving skills.

A survey conducted last program validated their efforts: 98% of teachers marked that they were “satisfied with the program overall”, while 97% of students answered, “this program helped them set their career paths”. The curriculum of Future Mobility School definitely satisfies both students and teachers in the field.

 A student of the Hyundai Future Mobility School wearing a gray pullover and a surgical mask putting together their robotic model of a blue car on a desk with another student doing the same thing behind them.
An unseen person holding and working on a small robotic model of a blue car in the Hyundai Future Mobility School.

I once considered dropping out, now I have a new dream. – ANONYMOUS STUDENT


To help every child on this planet realize their dreams and the future of mobility.

The Future Mobility School went global in cooperation with APCEIU in 2019 by offering their programs – like multicultural family support, overseas Korean school support – to future generations from seven APAC countries. Also, the Future Mobility School is focusing on providing its program to rural schools, specialized schools for the disabled, and small schools as an effort to resolve inequality in career education opportunities.

I hated school so much that I once considered dropping out of school. Now, thanks to the Future Mobility School that I attended incidentally, I have a new dream. – STUDENT FROM DAEJEO MIDDLE SCHOOL IN BUSAN, WHO ENTERED ULSAN MEISTER HIGH SCHOOL

Hydrogen energy & eco-friendliness are the basis of future mobility

Since 2018, the Future Motor School has been updating its program to focus on hydrogen energy and the eco-friendly “city of the future” so as to facilitate a better understanding of the future of the mobility industry. Since 2022, “creative experience activities” for elementary school students were added to regular school curricula to teach children about sustainability and clean mobility in an easier and more engaging way. This is how Hyundai Motor Company ensures that every student can enjoy their programs, and the company ceaselessly strives to offer additional, modern career education programs.

Please show your support for the Future Mobility School and help children reach their mobility dreams!


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