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Hydrogen, the most abundant element on earth is a powerful clean energy carrier when used in a hydrogen fuel cell - highly efficient and flexible, emitting only electricity, heat and water. In this study, we explore the potential for a hydrogen-powered future by looking at the state of the hydrogen economy today.

Hydrogen station

Today’s Largest
H2 Economies

Countries around the world are already betting on hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels.

We examined the 14 countries at the forefront of hydrogen innovation to understand the ways they are already adopting and investing in H2 across sectors, and to what extent they are doing so.

H2 Economy Top 5 Ranking

Top5 ranking

Please refer to for the full list and methodology of measure. We evaluated all 14 countries across 5 sectors and a range of assessment categories to arrive at their H2 Economy score. A score of 3 indicates maximum support activity and investment for H2 in today’s market, primed for future potential. While no country has a full 3, there are best-in-class examples across sectors.

Transport Sector

Transport sector

Please refer to for all sectors.


H2 Insights

Unpacking how hydrogen energy works, and spotlighting the many different ways countries, companies, and even individuals are making advances in H2 across industries.

Understanding Hydrogen

The 2030 Zero-Emission Future

Fuel Cell Myths

Ahead of the Curve

A Suburban Case Study

Switzerland invest in hydrogen power

Growing a hydrogen economy

H2 on the Road
H2 on the road
The State of H2 Today
The state of h2 today
H2 Across Borders
H2 Across Borders


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