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H2U: The Start of a Hydrogen Society
Hydrogen campaign

H2U: The Start of
a Hydrogen Society

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There’s a change in the air. Quite literally. The air around us is changing as oil and other toxic chemicals take a backseat to new eco-friendly solutions, like hydrogen.

Hydrogen society

By now, you’ve probably heard of hydrogen vehicles. But why has hydrogen become the go-to sustainable solution to fuel? Hydrogen emits zero greenhouse gases and it is the most plentiful substance in the world. And believe it or not, hydrogen is not just for cars.

Imagine a future where all forms of transportation and technology function seamlessly and sustainably, emitting zero carbon into the air. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, with hydrogen technology, that future is possible. That’s why Hyundai is launching H2U, an advocacy program to help build a society that can be centered around – and powered by – hydrogen. H2U brings “Hydrogen to You” by celebrating and featuring cultural creatives and tech influencers alike who are not only living a sustainable lifestyle, but actively creating better environmental practices.

Hydrogen cars

At the forefront of the H2U initiative is South Korean, Berlin-based DJ Peggy Gou. As an internationally famous DJ, Gou travels often and is eager to find new solutions to assist with the transport of her equipment. In a Hyundai NEXO – a hydrogen-powered, zero-emission car – Gou takes us on a tour of Berlin, a city praised for its progressive culture and its hydrogen infrastructure. She’s proud that a Korean brand has become a global pioneer in the field of hydrogen fuel cell technology and as she gears up for her Closed Club Tour – a visit to some of Berlin’s famed nightlife since their temporary shutdown – Gou wonders if hydrogen can help Berlin clubs reach their goal to become carbon-neutral by 2050.

DJ peggy

In the future, I believe entire cities can be powered by hydrogen fuel cells: not only cars, but buildings, factories, and even clubs. PEGGY GOU

To raise further localized awareness within Germany for the benefits of hydrogen, these figures will participate in the campaign: Germany’s Next Top Model and a sustainable fashion advocate Toni Dreher-Adenuga, a scientist and a YouTuber Jacob Beautemps who makes science simple, and a visionary urban photographer Konrad Langer. In addition to these creative minds are four technology-focused partners: renowned journalist Don Dahlmann, Mobile Geeks co-founder Nicole Scott, Tech influencer AlexiBexi and car-tuning expert JP Kraemer.


Check out Hyundai’s new H2U program from September 10th to learn more with Peggy Gou and other influential thinkers from the creative and tech industries.

Konrad Langer

Konrad Langer (@Konaction)

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