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Hyundai x BTS :
An invitation to a sustainable earth

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February 21st, 2020. BTS and Hyundai Motors are presenting a sustainable future through hydrogen energy. Starting the campaign to our worldwide fans in the heart of New York, Times Square, we now invite the future generation to this journey to add their positive energy.

A better world comes when we are together.

Hyundai NEXO has taken BTS to the Grammys with zero emission.

As a globally growing artist, BTS’s positive influence to millions of fans worldwide have become a driving power to many valuable social initiatives.

Hyundai Motors dreams of clean mobility and is teaming up with BTS to start a new initiative to spread positive energy together.


Hyundai NEXO

Hyundai NEXO is a hydrogen-powered FCEV(Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle) with a range of 609km from a single fueling (Korean certification standards). Pure H₂O is its only emission, as it is fitted with a filtering system that purifies the air by removing 99.9% of microparticles. It is making its way to a sustainable earth. With NEXO created from Hyundai's exceptional technology and clean hydrogen energy, Hyundai is offering a environmentally sustainable mobile solution.


Our stories inspired
from our nature

The emerald sea, pure white snow, bright blue sky, crystal clear rain, dazzling sunshine, sparkling stars, and the refreshing scent of the forest.

These precious and beautiful nature will be lost to the next generation if we don't preserve.

Each seven member of BTS have written down their own sincere message inspired by our nature, hoping to raise awareness of today's beautiful world that needs everyone's constant attention.

Jung kook
Jung kook note

Message from Jung Kook :

파도가 끝도 없이 밀려오듯이 우리의 가능성도 무한할거야.
[Padoga kkeutdo eopsi millyeoodeusi uriui
ganeungseongdo muhanhalgeoya]

Like the endless waves, our possibilities are infinite.

V note

Message from V :

갑자기 내리는 첫눈처럼 세상은 뜻밖의 순간들로 가득 차있어.
[Gapjagi naerineun cheonnuncheoreom
sesangeun tteutbakkui sungandeullo gadeung chaisseo]

Just like the first snowfall, the world is full of unexpected moments.

Jin note

Message from Jin :

구름과 달과 별이 어우러진 하늘처럼 함께 일수록 더 아름다운 우리.
[Gureumgwa dalgwa byeori eoureojin haneulcheoreom hamkkeilsurong deo areumdaun uri]
Like the sky living with the cloud, moon and stars,
we are more beautiful together.

j-hope note

Message from j-hope :

눈부신 태양처럼 우리의 미래도 눈부시길.
[Nunbusin taeyangcheoreom uriui miraedo nunbusigil]
Just like the bright sun, may our future shine brilliantly.

RM note

Message from RM :

모든걸 씻어 내리는 비의 끝엔 맑은 세상이 기다리는 것처럼.
[Modeungeol ssiseo naerineun biui kkeuten malgeun sesangi gidarineun geotcheoreom]
After the rain washes everything away, a clean world awaits.

SUGA note

Message from SUGA :

수많은 별들이 모여 거대한 우주를 빛 내듯
우리의 에너지도 모이면 미래를 빛낼 수 있어.
[Sumaneun byeoldeuri moyeo geodaehan ujureul bin naedeut
uriui eneojido moimyeon miraereul binnael su isseo]

Like countless stars lighting up the universe,
our future lights up when we come together.

Jimin note

Message from Jimin :

FOR REST 우리의 안식은 숲으로부터.
[For rest Uriui ansigeun supeurobuteo]
For rest, Our rest comes from forests.

The positive energy for our future.

We will reveal videos with messages on Hyundai’s official Instagram account ( and YouTube channel (HyundaiWorldwide) emphasizing the importance of nature. Hyundai will continue to seek a sustainable future. Because of you.

Because of You

Driving Nexo
Parking Nexo

The global hydrogen campaign with BTS is a new movement part of ‘Because of You’ brand campaign to create a better, sustainable future through Hyundai Motors’ clean mobility technology.

Hyundai Motors is committed to go forward to keep our Earth and nature clean so that the delicate words to describe it are not lost for our next generation. We believe hydrogen energy will be a key to the future we imagine.


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