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Hyundai × BTS – Celebrating World Environment Day 2021

Hyundai x BTS - Celebrating World Environment Day 2021

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In celebration of World Environment Day on 5th June, we’ve teamed up with BTS and some other influencers to launch a fun and informative documentary about hydrogen power and how, together, we can save the world.

Over the past few years, clean mobility has become a hot topic for every car manufacturer. We can’t turn back the clock, but we can pave the way to a greener and more climate friendly future. One way we’re making this happen is by pioneering a hydrogen-powered future. And we want you to be a part of it. Read on to find out more about our new documentary film about hydrogen.

We need new forms of energy. The earth is already suffering. BTS RM

World premiere:
Hyundai x BTS Hydrogen Short Documentary

June 5th is World Environment Day, the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. The theme of this year’s event is restoring ecosystems as it marks the beginning of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. World Environment Day is a chance for us to reimagine and recreate the ways we fuel our cars, boats, trucks, aircraft and more to restore the world’s diverse ecosystems for generations to come. To mark the occasion and spread the word, we want to tell the hydrogen story.

The world needs heroes to protect the Earth

Our short documentary features BTS, and other eco-conscious influencers from around the world. As RM says at the beginning of the film, we need a hero to save the world. Not a superhero, a president or an environmental activist - the hero we need is you.

With the introduction of hydrogen power, technology and infrastructure, we can all be heroes, he says. Many people around the world who have decided that they won’t wait for the world to change like our friends Tuyet Tutu Dieu who goes plogging, Leah Huppertz who shops in a zero-waste store and Mahina Rosenfeldt who is reducing her trash.

RM engages everyone in a conversation about hydrogen and the future, as a moderator in the film. Other BTS members ask what hydrogen is and how it works. Benedict Crisand tries to explain with lots of mathematical equations. Leah Huppertz talks about global warming. Tuyet Tutu Dieu says she hasn’t seen many hydrogen stations around. And others ask how we can use hydrogen in our daily lives.

The world needs heroes to protect the Earth

In response, RM talks about the fact that hydrogen is helping the environment bit by bit. The film reveals the fact that we’re building a hydrogen society right now. Hydrogen cities are being built. And countries are investing in, and building the infrastructure needed. With this fun and informative film, we want to show that we, just like our fans, aren’t waiting for someone to save the planet for us, we are doing it ourselves, and hydrogen is a huge part of that.

For Tomorrow, we won’t wait. BTS

Bringing the hydrogen society to life

As a fuel, hydrogen is highly efficient and its only emissions are electricity, heat and water, which means that it will revolutionize the way we heat our homes, produce electricity and fuel cars, trains, boats or aircraft. It may sound like a dream for the distant future, but the good news is that a global hydrogen society is not as far away as you think - it’s a reality that is unfolding in front of our eyes.

Here at Hyundai, we’re doing all we can to promote the introduction of hydrogen and build the infrastructure, fuel cells, and vehicles needed to do so. Hyundai was the first to commercialize hydrogen vehicles in the form of our Hyundai NEXO and hydrogen SUVs. And we were the first to launch hydrogen commercial vehicles and successfully export them. After successfully delivering a fleet of our XCIENT fuel cell heavy duty trucks to our customers in Switzerland, we’re now planning to offer our hydrogen powered trucks in North America and China. We’re also building a blueprint for hydrogen social infrastructure and developing hydrogen-powered engines for trains, boats and aircraft.

Hyundai concept hydrogen truck Neptune
Nexo front view

We won’t wait…

We could save 6 billion tons of CO2 emissions a year by switching to hydrogen! Are you with us? Our hydrogen powered Hyundai NEXO is available to buy now, and you can find out more about our journey towards a more sustainable planet by following Hyundai’s Instagram(@hyundai).


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