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5 children drawing colorful pictures of future mobility ideas.
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Hyundai Kids Motorshow

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Hyundai’s journey to become a smart mobility provider starts from the belief that our children’s dreams can come true. To turn imagination into reality, Hyundai has held its Hyundai Kids Motorshow (previously called the Brilliant Kids Motorshow) since 2016. Let us show you previous winners and explain how we are giving wings to imagination of our children with the 7th Hyundai Kids Motorshow in 2022.

Awarding innovative
mobility ideas since 2016

From a ‘Virus Vaccine Car’ to a ‘Visual Guide Car for Visually Impaired People’, you can see all the innovative and imaginative award winners from our previous Hyundai Kids Motorshow contests on our official website! This is the beginning of our never-ending story for making the mobility of the future come true!

A young boy drawing the Virus Vaccine car which is a vehicle with 6 legs and a main console.

‘Virus Vaccine Car’ by Yoon Jae Won, award winner at BKM6 2021

“Covid kept my parents from attending my kindergarten graduation. I couldn’t even go to school on the first day of elementary school. I wish I could drive my ‘Virus Vaccine Car’ to beat the virus and save the world!”

A young girl with pigtails drawing the Sound Energy Car which is made up of a main dome and two loudspeakers on the sides that are playing colorful sounds.

‘Sound Energy Car’ by Yang Yoon Seo, award winner at BKM4 2019

“I love to run around screaming out loud and have fun with my little brother. But I live in an apartment, where the people living downstairs could be annoyed if we make too much noise. So, I came up with an idea of ‘Sound Energy Car’ so that I can jump around the trampoline inside and make noise, because this car will change noises into the energy it needs to move!”

“My ‘Sound Energy Car’ makes more energy with louder noise, so it has a mic inside to make the noise louder. But it also has a speaker that turns this noise into exciting music to make everyone happy.”

I wish I could drive my ‘Virus Vaccine Car’ to beat the virus and save the world! – YOON JAE WON, AWARD WINNER AT BKM6, 2021

A young boy with brown curly hair drawing the Visual Guide Car for Visually Impaired people. The car looks like a sportscar but with a main hub in the middle. There are three people in the car including one visually impaired person who can see out of the car using special periscopes.

With this car, the visually impaired people can drive and travel to beautiful places to be happy. – HONG JI YOOL, AWARD WINNER AT BKM3, 2018

‘Visual Guide Car for Visually Impaired People’ by Hong Ji Yool, award winner at BKM3 2018

“I live near the Hanbit School for the Blind, a school for visually impaired people. I see many visually impaired people, and I have found that they often have trouble when it comes to riding a bus. So, I came up with the idea of a ‘Visual Guide Car for Visually Impaired People’.”

“When the visually impaired person wears special glasses in the car, they can see the landscape of where we’re driving. This car is an autonomous vehicle that drives safely with its rearview camera and eye-shaped camera at the top of the car. With this car, the visually impaired people can drive and travel to beautiful places to be happy.”

What’s new at the Hyundai Kids Motorshow this year?

The Brilliant Kids Motorshow, that has been held six times since 2016, was re-titled to Hyundai Kids Motorshow to celebrate its 7th year in 2022.

From November 7th to December 16th, an art contest will take place to let children draw the mobility of their imagination and submit the picture with their own stories. The winners of this contest will be invited to award ceremony in 2023. Even more, the winners’ mobility ideas will be re-created by famous artist to be displayed in an art exhibition in May 2023 to give wings to the imagination of our children and encourage them to keep dreaming.

The art contest will run only in Korea from November 7th, 2022, to December 16th, 2022. The results of the contest will be announced on HKM7 official website .

After the announcement, the art exhibition for the winners of HKM7 and previous contests will be held at Hyundai Motorstudio in Goyang.

5 young children sitting and standing in a colorful room with a gallery wall behind them that shows their pictures.

We will not rest until the mobility dreams of our children come true. Stay tuned for the Hyundai Kids Motorshow and follow @hyundai on Instagram to see how we’re building a future fit for our children.


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