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  • Modern Premium

    We exist to enhance people’s lives.

Brand Manifesto

We exist to enhance people’s lives.
Because we believe that life’s most remarkable moments and experiences
Weren’t meant for a select few, but for all.

We think beyond product and technology to create meaningful experiences.
By challenging the standards of design and workmanship,
Leading a new era of customer care,
And rethinking the future of mobility.

Looking forward,
We believe in a world where mobility will enhance life
And will be defined by people, for people.
With our unyielding can-do spirit,
We will be steadfast in pursuit of this vision,
For we do not seek to satisfy the few,
But to be loved by many.

Brand Essence


Simplifying what's complicated, while focusing on the most important
necessities. Modern Premium is all about realizing the values and experiences
them in a more simplified and convenient way.


For change and innovation that best provides the most important necessities. The
creative thinking that Modern Premium seeks is about providing actual benefits
to the customer while addressing their needs in the smartest and most efficient


Cars that care for the driver with heightened reliability, a safer environment and
emotional value. The care that is reflected in Hyundai Motor's Modern Premium
delivers our concern and consideration through emotional values.

Hyundai Motor consistently ranked among world’s top-valued brands

Hyundai’s global brand value grows 3% since 2017 to a company record high of US $13.5 billion. This result successfully places the company in a top 40 Best Global Brands position for the fourth year in a row. Since 2005 when it was ranked as world 84th brand, Hyundai has seen a four-fold increase in brand value.

The continuous growth of Hyundai’s brand value is the result of Hyundai’s investments in future mobility initiatives, as well as its commitment to continuously enhance the strength of its brand. The launch of NEXO, based on advanced fuel cell technology, as well as its new high performance brand N have showcased Hyundai’s technological credentials and laid the foundations for a more differentiated positioning for the Hyundai brand.

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