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Rear air ventilation system illustrated

Rear air ventilation system

1st-in-segment rear air ventilation system has been designed specially to enhance rear passenger comfort with instant cooling.
Full auto air conditioning system illustrated

Full auto air conditioning system

The full auto air conditioning system automatically maintains the desired cabin temperature for better comfort.
Silver Xcent parking with rear parking assist system

Rear parking assist system (RPAS)

Useful for parking in tight spaces, the parking assist detects obstructions while reversing with the help of a proximity sensing buzzer and minimizes the risk of a possible collision.
Rear camera display system on rear mirror

Rear camera display (RCD) system

The camera gets activated with reverse gear and provides clear rear view on Electronic chromic mirror (ECM).
Electronic chromic mirror

Electronic chromic mirror (ECM)

The inside rear view mirror automatically dims on sensing headlights glare from trailing vehicle.
Smart key on the floor

Smart key

Smart key enables the owner to get inside the car with the press of a button on the door handles.
Engine start and stop button

Engine start / stop button

Hi-tech and convenient push button enables start and stop of car with just a touch.
Aux and usb connected

Connectivity (AUX and USB)

Experience your favorite music with AUX and USB ports provided in the center console.
Steering wheel remote controls

Steering wheel remote controls

Multi-function leather wrapped steering wheel of Xcent comes equipped with various controls just at your fingertips.

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