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Modern, sporty and progressive exteriors
and stylish, classy interiors


Front view of Xcent
  • Side front view of silver Xcent

    Modern and progressive

    'Hyundai Xcent is bound to catch your eye at the very first glance. Assertive and enticing with a subtle charm all around.
  • Right headlamp on


    The neatly housed headlamps provide ample illumination and enhances the overall front profile.
  • Radiator grille with Xcent logo

    Radiator grille

    Perfectly positioned, the chrome hexagonal grille complements the looks and projects powerful brand presence.

  • Side view of silver Xcent

    Sporty and aerodynamic

    Crafted to perfection, the sleek and aerodynamic side profile leaves an everlasting impression on all those who catch the glimpse of it.
  • Outside mirror repeater

    Outside mirror repeaters

    Aerodynamically sculpted outside mirror is ornamented with LED turn indicator for enhanced looks and safety. Electrically adjustable and foldable mirror offers great combination of comfort and convenience.
  • Chrome-coated outside handle

    Chrome-coated outside handles

    The pull type chrome door handle lends a premium feel to the overall profile of Xcent and easy to operate.
  • Waistline molding

    Waistline molding

    Sporty waistline molding enhances side profile and prevents side scratches to body.

  • Side rear view of silver Xcent

    Envy to the prying eyes

    Smooth, uncluttered with noticeable chrome embellishments bring an elegant and premium feel to Xcent and its proud owner.
  • Rear chrome garnish with Xcent logo

    Rear chrome garnish

    Dual tone rear chrome garnish along with hexagonal chrome insert in tail lamp project class.
  • Rear combination lamp

    Rear combination lamps

    Wrap-around rear combination lamps increase the style quotient and ensure high visibility for added safety.

Front fog lamp

Front fog lamps

Distinctly designed for proper amplification, the fog lamp ensures safe driving during foggy weather conditions.


The 2 tone diamond cut R15 alloy wheel is machined to perfection and imparts aesthetic appeal.
Roof antenna

Roof antenna

The sleek and sporty roof antenna enhances looks and provides seamless connectivity.


Full view of interior

Premium And Classy Interior

The interiors of Xcent can be best described as stylish yet practical. The bright and airy cabin with its quality feel and carefully crafted materials sets the scene for many urban adventures.
  • xcent interior front seat
  • xcent interior rear seat

Glove box

Glove box

Keep your drinks or eatables cool and refreshing, a highly recommended feature in adverse climate conditions.

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