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Graph of showing value of 1.1 CRDi diesel engine

1.1 CRDi diesel engine

The 2nd generation Euro 5 ready, refined and advanced U2 CRDi diesel engine offers optimum performance, superior fuel economy and lower emissions to its valued customers.
Graph of showing value of 1.2 MPi gasoline engine with dual VVT

1.2 MPi gasoline engine with dual VVT

The 16V DOHC Kappa engine with dual VVT provides you the best of both worlds – superior mileage and optimum performance. The dual VVT system controls valve operation leading to better efficiency with lower emissions.

Aerodynamic design

The sleek profile reduces forward air flow resistance and rear spoiler effect for improved fuel economy and driving stability.
4-speed automatic transmission

4-speed automatic transmission

Driving in traffic is a breeze with 4-speed automatic transmission available in selected gasoline variants of Xcent.
5-speed manual transmission

5-speed manual transmission

Both gasoline and diesel variants of Xcent offer light weight and robust 5-speed manual transmission for smooth and accurate gearshifts.

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