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Red color Elite i20 is placed in front of a modern building

Elite i20

Excellent style and sportiness


Side view of red Elite i20 driving out from the car garage
  • Left side front view of red Elite i20

    Haute-Ness' personified

    Elite i20 with the fresh 'Fluidic Sculpture 2.0' design concept brings to street all the exhilaration, excitement and flair you'd expect from a stylish bold car.
  • Closer view of hood character line

    Hood character lines

    The hood sharp character lines, integrates with the front bumper enhancing the style quotient of the car.
  • Closer view of radiator grille

    Radiator grille

    The hexagonal shaped web grille has been adapted as one of the signature design elements for Hyundai's car line up. Elite i20 hexagonal grille with chrome element on boundary convey an image of style authority and sophistication for the exterior design
  • Closer view of front headlamp light on


    The wrap-around headlamps in Elite i20 project the best of style. They cast a brighter and longer light beam on the road. Allows the headlamps to be in ON condition for a limited time after the car is locked to illuminate the path if parked in dark condition.

  • Side view of red Elite i20

    Performance gracefully merged with elegance

    Here's what we mean by fluidic design: The side character lines flow, giving off a sense of movement and direction to Elite i20 not only when it's going forward, but also when it's not.
  • Closer view of C pillar

    C pillar

    The black color C pillars add a distinct visual and sporty element to the overall style of Elite i20.
  • Closer view of outside mirror repeater

    Outside mirror repeaters

    Aerodynamically sculpted stylishly-shaped body colored outside mirror repeaters features indicator to promote safer lane changes and increased visibility when turning. The outside mirrors automatically open & close when the car is unlocked / locked.
  • A Wheel of Elite i20 with black background


    The stylish R16 alloy wheels diamond cut alloy wheels impart a sporty and dynamic appeal while increasing road grip.

  • Right side rear view of red Elite i20

    A design story that flows front to back

    With a voluminous rear bumper and elongated rear combination lamps, Elite i20 has many things you don't often see together: athletic & luxurious, stable & graceful, strong & agile.
  • Closer view of rear combination lamp

    Rear combination lamps

    Curved to follow the bodywork where the rear meets the side of the car, the rear combination lamps feature a distinctive, stylish design to provide optimal visibility and safety in all weather conditions.
  • Closer view of rear bumper

    Rear bumper

    The rear bumper is designed on a dual tone theme with black bumper garnish at the bottom to further enhance the rear sporty appeal.

Closer view of front fog lamp

Front fog lamps

Sporty fog lamps complemented the headlamps with stylish & modern design and provide maximum penetration in foggy driving conditions.
Closer view of waistline molding

Waistline molding

Distinctive looking black color side molding imparts sporty looks and prevents side scratches to the body.
Closer view of roof antenna

Roof antenna

The roof antenna optimizes the signal frequency for better audio output.
Closer view of rear wiper

Rear wiper

The rear wiper provides high wiping efficiency with optimum coverage of sweep area.


Panoramic view of interior from side top viewpoint

A Car beyond a hatchback

Everything you want within reach, all the info you need in a glance. That's what you can enjoy while riding in Elite i20. Perfect ergonomics, top-quality material and all the comforts you need guarantee a comfortable and sophisticated driving experience. That's make it a premium hatchback.
  • elite i20 interior front seat
  • elite i20 interior rear seat

Driver's power seat

Driver's power seat

The feature adjusts the driver seat for customized driving position.
Objects stored in the glove box

Glove box

The spacious glove box comes with cooling function to keep beverages confectionaries cool & refreshing.
Luggage lamp

Luggage lamp

The feature activates with the opening of the boot lid and enables proper lighting in the boot area to help locate / put objects in night.

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