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Yellow color Grand i10 is placed in front of a modern building

Grand i10

Efficiency with lower running cost
and lesser emissions


Performance infographic of 1.1 CRDi diesel engine

1.1 CRDi diesel engine

For our value-conscious customers, we offer the most advanced and affordable 1.1 U2 diesel engine. The 2nd generation CRDi technology offers improved operating pressure, low compression ratio, light weight engine block and an enhanced atomization of fuel which altogether ensures more performance, more efficiency with lower running costs, lower NVH and lesser emissions.
Performance infographic of 1.2 MPi gasoline engine

1.2 MPi gasoline engine

The 16V DOHC Kappa engine with dual Variable timing valve train (VTVT) technology provides you the best of both worlds - superior mileage and optimum performance. The VTVT system controls the valve operation depending upon the engine requirement leading to better efficiency with lower emissions.
Automatic transmission

Automatic transmission

Driving in traffic is a breeze with 4-speed automatic transmission. Offered with 1.2 Kappa gasoline variants of Grand i10 for a delightful driving experience in congested city traffic.
Manual transmission

Manual transmission

Both petrol and diesel variants of Grand i10 offer light weight and robust 5-speed manual transmission for smooth and accurate gearshifts. Thus delivering optimum performance.
Aerodynamic graphic around the exterior of tangerine orange Grand i10

Aerodynamic design

Aerodynamic designed bumper reduces forward air flow resistance and rear spoiler effect for improved fuel economy and driving stability.
Gear shift indicator screen

Gear shift indicator

The innovative digital gear shift reminder recommends optimum gear so as to extract maximum mileage.

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