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Infographic of 1.7 CRDi diesel engine performance

1.7 CRDi diesel engine

A diesel option is also available in the form of the 1.7 CRDi diesel engine which delivers 141 ps at 4,000 rpm and 34.7 kg·m torque at 1,750 ~ 2,500 rpm in the high output edition.
  • Depending on the region, there may be some differences.
Infographic of 2.0 GDi gasoline engine performance

2.0 GDi gasoline engine

With Gasoline direct injection (GDi), maximum power is 164 ps at 6,200 rpm while torque peaks at 20.7 kg·m at 4,700 rpm.
  • Depending on the region, there may be some differences.
Infographic of 2.0 MPi gasoline engine performance

2.0 MPi gasoline engine

The Multi-point fuel injection (MPi) version delivers 152 ps at 6,200 rpm while peak torque measures 19.6 kg·m at 4,000 rpm.
  • Depending on the region, there may be some differences.

7-speed Double clutch transmission (DCT)

7-speed Double clutch transmission (DCT) is a perfect harmony of manual and automatic. By taking the only the advantages from the two, it delivers quicker gear shift, improved fuel efficiency, less noise and smooth ride. ⓘ only available with the certain engine types
Full view of 7-speed double clutch transmission
6-speed automatic transmission

6-speed automatic transmission

6 gears are better than 5 - especially if the 6-speed automatic transmission is more compact, smoother and quieter than the 5-speed automatic transmission it replaces. And that’s just what Hyundai has done, adding an extra gear to boost fuel economy.
6-speed manual transmission

6-speed manual transmission

For driving purists who prefer to do their own shifting, Hyundai offers a 6-speed manual transmission. Economical, quiet, ultra-smooth and durable.

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