Blue color Veloster is placed in front of a modern building


Staying connected matters


A supervision cluster

A supervision cluster that keeps you in check

Dual-cylindered like the twin pipes of a motorbike exhaust, the speedy, outdoor references follow through to the cluster.
  • Center-fascia with touch screen display

    Great views on a 7" touch screen display

    The switches and controls to access the Veloster’s convenient multimedia functions are placed within easy reach on the center console. A large, 7" LCD displays all information, while users can easily plug in external devices thanks to USB connection.
  • Navigation with LCD screen

    Navigation that speaks your language

    The navigation system supports 10 languages, the information being displayed clearly on the high-resolution LCD screen.
    • Europe only
  • Rear-view display system

    Rear-view display system

    A camera in the boot handle displays the view to the rear on a 7" LCD screen, to help with parking.

  • Top view of interior

    A premium sound system for hitting the road

    The Autonet premium audio system features a central speaker, external amplifier and subwoofer.
  • Steering wheel remote control

    Play DJ with steering wheel remote control

    Remote control switches on the steering wheel let you effortlessly control the multimedia functions, as well as auto cruise control.

Full auto air conditioning system

Set and chill with full auto air conditioning system

Just set the desired temperature and let the system take care of the rest ensuring a customized interior climate that is fully comfortable.
Aux and usb ports

Connectivity (AUX / USB / RCA cable)

Users can connect an external device such as an iPod, using the cable that came with the device and with simple USB connection.
Engine start and stop button

Engine start / stop button

The engine start / stop button is designed to look like a cat’s eye, especially at night.
Heated steering wheel

Heated steering wheel

A heated steering wheel eliminates the chill that drivers experience when first grabbing the steering wheel in the middle of winter.
Front air ventilation seat

Front air ventilation seat

Air can circulate naturally in the front seat, making the driver feel comfortable.
Auto defogging system

Auto defogging system

Sensors mounted on the windshield detect and automatically remove moisture build-up to ensure safe visibility.

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