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  • The Audit Committee shall be composed of three (3) or more directors with at least one member with professional knowledge of accounting or finance and shall be appointed at the General Meeting of Shareholders. In addition, in order to ensure independent, transparent audit process, two thirds (2/3) or more of the Audit Committee shall be outside directors.
  • The Audit Committee shall perform the following functions:
    • - Audit the legitimacy of business activities of the management
    • - Review of soundness and reasonableness of the financial activities and accuracy of the financial reports
    • - Appointment and dismissal of external auditor and reports to General Meeting of Shareholders.
    • - Other matters prescribed by laws, regulations, articles of incorporation, and Audit Committee bylaws
  • The Audit Committee may, at any time, access or make a copy of records or documents related to accounting, and may require reports on business from a director or investigate the Company’s business and asset status.

  • An external auditor shall conduct audits fairly and independently from the Company, the management, and shareholders, etc.
  • The Audit Committee shall appoint the external auditor, and such external auditor shall report important matters found during its audit to the Audit Committee.
  • The external auditor must participate in the General Meeting of Shareholders and must respond in good faith to question(s) raised by a shareholder.
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