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The Convening Notice of 53rd Annual General Meeting

2021.03.05 No. 962

[English Translation]

The Convening Notice of 53rd Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders(“AGM”) of Hyundai Motor Company (the “Company”) will be held pursuant to Article 365 of the Korean Commercial Act and Article 14 of the Articles of Incorporation of the Company.   

  1. 1. Date :     March 24, 2021 (Wednesday) 09:00 AM

  1. 2. Place :    Grand Hall, 2nd Floor West Building, Head office of Hyundai Motor Company

              12 Heolleung-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea (T : 82-2-3464-1114)

  1. 3. Purposes of the Meeting

<Issues to report>             Independent Auditor’s Report, Annual Report, Internal Accounting Control System Management Report, Corporate Governance and Communication Committee Report

<Agenda>        1 : Approval of the Financial Statements for the 53rd Fiscal Year 

(1/1/2020 ~ 12/31/2020)

                        2 : Approval of Partial Amendments of the Articles of Incorporation

                        3 : Appointment of Director(s)

3-1 : Appointment of an Independent Director

3-2 : Appointment of Internal Directors

                        4 : Appointment of Independent Director 

to be an Audit Committee Member

                        5 : Appointment of Audit Committee Member(s)

                        6 : Approval of Ceiling Amount of Remuneration for Directors

  1. 4. Matters regarding the Exercise of Voting Rights

<What to bring to the shareholders’ meeting>

  • - In-person : An invitation to the AGM and an identification
  • - Proxy : An invitation to the AGM, a power of attorney (with information of the relevant shareholder and the person with the power of attorney filled in, and duly executed and sealed), and an identification of the agent.

  1. 5. Matters regarding the Exercise of Voting Rights by Electronic Means

In accordance with Article 368-4 of Korean Commercial Act, the Company has determined to allow to exercise shareholders’ voting rights by electronic means, and the overall management of electronic voting system will be consigned to Korea Securities Depository. Shareholders may exercise their voting rights through electronic means, without physical attendance, by referring to the following methods.

* You may access the voting website for 24 hours a day (from 9 AM for the first day to 5 PM for the last day)

  • - If amendment motion on agendas presented at the AGM is submitted, electronic votes will automatically be abstained.

  1. 6. Notice regarding COVID-19

  • - To prevent from spreading of COVID-19, shareholders who have any symptom of COVID-19 such as fever and cough may be restricted to enter the meeting. Also, shareholders who do not put on face masks may be restricted to enter. Please comply with preventive measures and put on face masks when you enter the meeting. 
  • - If change of venue is necessary due to COVID-19 situation, it will be informed in advance.

  1. 7. Matters regarding the Protection of Rights of Physical Stock Bearers

Electronic stock system, implemented on September 16, 2019, has suspended the effect of physical stock, and physical stock bearers will be electronically classified as special account shareholders of Korea Securities Depository and will be limited from exercising their rights. If you bare physical stocks, please do convert them into electronic stocks by visiting the office of Hanabank agency services for securities. 

  1. 8. Other matters

In accordance with Article 542 Section 4 of Korean Commercial Act, the reference for our business overview and agendas of AGM are located at the head office of the company, Financial Service Commission, Korea Exchange and the office of Hanabank agency services for securities.

March 5, 2021

Hyundai Motor Company

Representative Director, Eon Tae Ha

(Seal omitted)

Please refer to the attachment for more details.

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