White color Ioniq Electric is placed in front of a building with unique design

IONIQ Electric

Connecting power with e-motion.


  • Full view electric powertrain

    The electric powertrain

    The electric powertrain has been engineered with carefully matched components to provide excellent driving characteristics and a practical everyday driving range.
  • High-voltage battery system

    High-voltage battery system

    Mounted underneath the vehicle, IONIQ Electric's 28kWh high-capacity Lithium-ion polymer battery delivers more power with improved driving range while maximizing the total interior space.
  • Electric Power Control Unit

    Electric Power Control Unit (EPCU)

    Electric Power Control Unit (EPCU) optimizes control of the vehicle performance and provides a pleasant driving experience with reliable control of the DC/AC inverter to drive the electric motor as well as the low voltage DC-DC converter to supply power to its electronic components.
  • On-Board Charger

    On-Board Charger (OBD)

    The highly-efficient On-Board Charger (OBD) converts the external AC power to DC power to gradually charge the high-voltage battery pack.
  • High-efficiency/high-power permanent magnet type electric motor

    High-efficiency/high-power permanent magnet type electric motor

    The powerful unit has a maximum output of 120ps and a maximum torque of 295 Nm.
  • Reduction gear

    Reduction gear

    A low-noise, high efficiency and long durability decelerator reduces the rotation speed of the driving motor and efficiently transmits power to the tires.

Rear multi-link suspension

Rear multi-link suspension

Multi-link suspension with dual lower arms promotes a safe, stable ride and increased off-road traction.

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