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White color Ioniq Electric is placed in front of a building with unique design

IONIQ Electric

More safety equipment, for superior safety.


More safety equipment,
for superior safety
IONIQ Electric is powerfully stable, no matter what road you travel.
  • Lane keeping assist system (LKAS)

    Designed primarily to alert drivers who are dozing off at the wheel. Should the vehicle depart the driving lane without signaling in advance, the Lane keeping assist system (LKAS) recognizes and responds either by issuing an audible alert warning to the driver or by actively correcting the steering direction. only available in select regions

    LKAS image
  • Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

    Sensors mounted in the car’s rear flanks detect the proximity of any vehicle obscured in the blind spot and trigger a warning light and an acoustic alert if a turn signal is activated. The system is further combined with Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) to ensure a safe rear exit from parking spaces.

    BSD image
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

    Radar and camera sensors alert the driver to prevent an on-road collision and apply braking as necessary to avoid or mitigate impact with pedestrians or other vehicles. only available in select regions

    AEB image
  • Smart cruise control (SCC)

    The system is a convenience feature which employs the front mounted radar sensor to monitor the vehicle ahead. It automatically maintains the pre-set speed and a safe distance between vehicles by regulating the throttle and applying brakes when needed. only available in select regions

    SCC image
  • LKAS
  • BSD
  • AEB
  • SCC
  • END
Advanced high-strength steels

Advanced high-strength steels

By increasing the use of advanced high-strength steels to 51% of the body and by hot stamping the passenger compartment, IONIQ Electric offers greater sturdiness and reassures safety in real life situations.
7-airbag system

7-airbag system

In addition to the elevated load path and straightened body connections, IONIQ Electric also features a 7-airbag system that provides the front, front side-impact and curtain airbags to ensure maximum safety protection in the event of a collision.
Safety window adjustment control system

Safety window adjustment control system

For extra safety, sensors automatically lower the windows by 150 mm upon detecting any obstructions in the frame.

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