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White ix35 Fuel Cell is parked in front of an ocean

ix35 Fuel Cell

Unmatched convenience


Seat folding system illustrated

Seat folding system

Exception flexibility in the choice of seat positions. Upright, front seats semi-flat, 2nd row seats split-folding and full-folding. The choice is yours.
  • Supervision cluster Trip A screen
  • Supervision cluster distance to empty screen
  • Supervision cluster elapsed time screen
  • Supervision cluster instant fuel economy screen
  • Supervision cluster refueling count screen

Supervision cluster

With an elegant color scheme, the Supervision cluster adds to the design’s sophistication. Better screen visibility informs the driver of the vehicle’s status and more while being easy on the eyes.
Automatic transmission

Electric drive motor and reducer

The "E mode" for normal driving is a unique feature of the motor-driven ix35 Fuel Cell. The "L mode" is a low-speed mode that enables the engine to brake like any conventional vehicle.
  • Display showing energy flow modes

    Energy flow modes

    The display shows various vehicle modes: Fuel Cell Mode, Idle Charging Mode, Power Assist Mode and Regenerative Braking Mode.
  • Display showing Fuel cell mode

    Fuel Cell Mode

    Hydrogen stored in the tank and the atmosphere’s oxygen are supplied to the Fuel Cell stack to generate electricity, which is then supplied to the motor to drive the car.
  • Display showing Idle Charging Mode

    Idle Charging Mode

    The hybrid batteries are charged by the fuel cell when the battery charging level is low.
  • Display showing power assist mode

    Power Assist Mode

    The electricity generated in the fuel cell stack is used together with electricity stored in the high-voltage battery to boost output temporarily.
  • Display showing regenerative braking mode

    Regenerative Braking Mode

    The kinetic energy of the car is converted back to electricity through the motor to recharge the high-voltage battery.

Top view of white ix35 fuel cell parking with assist system

Rear parking assist system (RPAS)

The parking assist system alerts you of obstacles in the rear when parking. It’s like having eyes in the back of your head.
Rear view display system on center fascia

Rear-view display system

Reverse parking is made safer and more convenient by the vehicle’s camera monitoring system.
Steering wheel remote control buttons

Steering wheel remote controls

Stay focused on the road with convenient steering remote control.
Power button

Power button

The single-touch start button makes starting and stopping the car easier and more intuitive.

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