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White ix35 Fuel Cell is parked in front of an ocean

ix35 Fuel Cell

Realizing the dream of a clean environment


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World’s first series-production

The ix35 Fuel Cell was awarded first place for 2013 Price Future Auto for being the first auto maker to successfully begin series production 2 years ahead of competitors.
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More miles covered

The 4th generation of Fuel Cell vehicles has a maximum range of 594 km on a single tank of fuel. You will be surprised to know that it takes only 3 minutes to charge.
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Absolutely environmental

The ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle produces zero harmful tailpipe emissions. The only thing to come out of the tailpipe is water.
Right side front view of white ix35 Fuel Cell with water drop illustration around
Infographic about comparison performance between horses and ix35 fuel cell

Nothing like it

Fuel cells may power ix35 Fuel Cell motor, but when it comes to performance, it’s as if you have an internal combustion engine.
  • Maximum output of the fuel cell is 100 kw or 136 ps.
Bar graph of two car's power compared

Better fuel economy

Only 9.5 grams of hydrogen is all what ix35 Fuel Cell requires to drive 1 kilometer. Converted to gasoline this corresponds to 27.8 km / liter.
  • Car compared is an in-house 2.0 model sold on the market today.
  • The distance ix35 Fuel Cell can go using hydrogen energy is similar to that of a car running on energy generated from 1 liter of gasoline fuel.
Icons telling about atmospheric pressure

Impressive tank

This tank stores 5.63 kg of hydrogen and can stand up to 700 - bars of pressure.
  • A bar (unit of pressure) is similar to 1 atmospheric pressure, which is the air pressure exerted on a person in everyday life.
Illustration of person sleeping in the car

Quietly spectacular

Since ix35 Fuel Cell has an electric motor instead of an engine powered by fuel combustion, it makes significantly less noise than conventional cars.
  • Side view of silver ix35 Fuel Cell

    Gearing up for the future

    Hyundai aims to protect the global environment and lead the industry with regenerative environmental technology. We started research and development in the late 1990s to find an effective way to reduce air pollution caused by traffic, and we developed fuel cell vehicles that produce only water, no toxic exhaust.
  • Front view of silver ix35 Fuel Cell with bar graph on the side

    Market forecast

    The environmentally friendly car market is projected to continue growing based on high demand for green vehicles.
    • Source: Nomura Research Institute


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