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ix35 Fuel Cell

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Hydrogen is the alternative energy source with the greatest potential. Whether it's the hydrogen fuel tank or cabin space, ix35 Fuel Cell has undergone countless safety tests to make sure you enjoy the ultimate level of safety.

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Fire icon

Fire Test

In a comparison fire safety test conducted with internal combustion engine vehicles, it performed outstandingly: unlike the internal combustion engine vehicle, which lacks the high-pressure fuel tank and sensors, ix35 Fuel Cell averted explosion by sensing the fire’s heat and emitting hydrogen safely.
Hydrogen tank icon

Hydrogen Tank Certification Test

Fabricated from aluminum alloy and carbon composite, hydrogen tanks have passed numerous tests and verifications, including burst tests in pressures higher than working pressure, drop tests in accident scenarios and crash tests involving guns, to be certified as safe for mass production.
Head icon

Crash Test

Crash tests were conducted for ix35 Fuel Cell in the same condition that the internal combustion engine vehicles were. In various collision simulations, e.g. front-end, rear-end and broadside, the car showed excellent safety performance by demonstrating mostly normal operation without damage to the hydrogen tank and without hydrogen leakage.
  • Crash Test : Based on FMVSS 301 fuel system stiffness evaluation and FMVSS 305EV & hybrid hydrogen vehicle crash test regulations. (FMVSS: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)
6-airbag system simulated

6-airbag system

ix35 Fuel Cell comes with 6 airbags: dual front airbags for the driver and passenger plus dual front seat mounted airbags and dual side curtain airbags for added protection.

Active headrest

In the event of a rear-end collision, active headrests will adjust themselves taking into consideration the size and weight of the person in the seat to minimize neck injury.
Hydrogen sensor

Hydrogen sensor

4 hydrogen sensors strategically located inside the vehicle to detect inflow of hydrogen due to leakage.

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