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Blue color Santa Fe is placed in front of beautiful lake with mountain behind


You can have it all


Soundwave graphic around Santa Fe

Sound system with 6 speakers

Acoustic signal processing technology improves sound calibration and stereo surround effect. Enjoy higher quality emotional output from any seat in the house.
Top view of Santa fe parking with smart parking assist system

Smart parking assist system (SPAS)

Park without problems. Ultrasonic sensors determine the adequacy of the parking space. The parking steering aid system automatically steers for parallel parking and back-in angle parking convenience.
  • Only available in select regions
Side view of Santa Fe with trunk door opened

Smart tailgate system

The smart tailgate system, a function making its trunk open automatically if having the smart key and staying behind the car around 3 seconds, is an innovative technology for drivers' comfortable life when loading and unloading their luggage.
Dynamic bending light illustrated

Dynamic bending light (DBL)

HID headlamps adapt to the vehicle's speed and dynamic movement of the steering wheel for optimized driving visibility and safety at night.
Electric parking brake button

Electric parking brake (EPB)

No more driving with the parking brake pulled. Activate the parking brake with a state-of-the-art switch design. Start the engine to automatically cancel the brake function.
Engine start and stop button

Engine start / stop button

It's a quick and easy way to get started. This engine start mechanism requires only that the keys be in the vehicle. All you need is the push of a button.
Auto defogging system on the windshield

Auto defogging system

An auto defogging system will solve fog problems probably before you even notice them. Detecting windshield condensation, it will initiate climate control to improve visibility and safety.
Cornering lamp illustration

Cornering lamps

You turn, it lights up. The cornering lamps automatically light up with the turn signal, enhancing safety and visibility in the front and side views.
Wiper de-icer illustration

Wiper de-icer

No more frosty windows. Wiper de-icer installed at the bottom of heated windshield wipers will quickly melt frozen particles.
220 V inverter

220 V inverter

All your electronic gadgets are welcome. A 220 V inverter automatically converts AC voltage to 220 V so that whether at home or on the go, you can stay connected.
  • Only available in select regions

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