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Blue color Santa Fe is placed in front of beautiful lake with mountain behind


Sporty and urban chic

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Side view of blue Santa Fe driving on the countryside
  • Side front view of blue Santa Fe

    Bold yet delicate, voluminous yet balanced

    A storm-edge motif meets Hyundai's fluidic sculpture design. From the A pillar in front to the smooth front-view molding, the look is robust and stylish.
  • Closer view of headlamp

    HID headlamps

    Santa Fe is equipped with high intensity discharge lamps that allow you to see better and look good with the bright lamps against a sporty, rectangular projection lens.
  • Closer view of front fog lamp

    Front fog lamps with LED daytime running lights (DRL)

    LED daytime running lights (DRL) give a sporty appearance while enhancing the safety of your daytime driving. In addition, the integrated fog lamps provide maximum visibility to keep you safe in any weather.
  • Closer view of radiator grille

    Radiator grille

    At a glance, Santa Fe boosts its charismatic triple bar-type grille that exudes elegance with its wide, hexagonal design with a choice of chrome-coated or silver-painted standard type.

  • Side view of blue Santa Fe

    Sideways sleek, at any speed

    A sleek belt line blended with three-dimensional molding, large aluminum wheels, chrome surround molding and LED turn signal lamps create an aerodynamic silhouette.
  • Panorama sunroof closed

    Panorama sunroof

    Santa Fe’s panorama sunroof offers even more openness compared to conventional panorama sunroof by eliminating the center beam of the headlining and using motor-driven roller blinds.
  • Closer view of roof rack

    Roof rack

    The roof rack adds the final touch to the exterior design to complete the dynamism and sophistication of an urban SUV.
  • Outside mirror repeater

    Outside mirror repeaters

    Stylish melds with functional in the outside mirror repeaters with puddle lamps that add to the high-tech appeal. They make your turning intentions clear.
  • Three alloy wheels in different sizes

    Alloy wheels

    Large alloy wheels anchor the Santa Fe's high-performance image and sporty, elegant flair. 17 ~ 19" wheels show a sophisticated and luxurious design having outstanding driving stability.

  • Side rear view of blue Santa Fe

    A stylish and sporty finish

    An unique three-dimension rear design features high-tech, high-performance embellishments for a highly stylish last look.
  • Closer view of LED high-mounted stop lamp

    LED high-mounted stop lamp (HMSL)

    You're covered on all sides with LED safety enhancement that complements the aerodynamic rear spoiler and sleek tailgate.
  • Closer view of LED rear combination lamp

    LED rear combination lamps

    Chic horizontally aligned lamps maximize visibility while creating a simple rear image.

Closer view of rear bumper skid plate

Rear bumper skid plate

The distinctive design of the rear bumper skid plate gives Santa Fe its stable and sporty appearance.
Closer view of rear wiper

Rear wiper

Rear wipers that cover more area help you see better in unkind weather.
Closer view of dual mufflers

Dual mufflers

The trapezoidal design of the dual mufflers imparts a sharply differentiated high performance image and European-style sportiness.


Full view of interior

Three-Dimensional Beauty You Can Luxuriate In

Come on in. There's plenty of space, futuristic design and superior luggage capacity. The interior continues the exterior's sporty, dynamic promise.
Premium comfort in every way
There is no better way to feel relaxed then the home-like comfort and
first-class accommodation of the Grand Santa Fe.
Seat color
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Woven 1 GL
  • Woven 2 GLS
  • Leather GLS option
  • Zebrawood GL
  • Semi-gloss carbon GLS
  • Woven 1 GL
  • Woven 2 GLS
  • Leather GLS option
  • Walnut GL
  • Semi-gloss carbon GLS
  • Woven 1 GL
  • Woven 2 GLS
  • Leather GLS option
  • Poplar GL
  • Semi-gloss carbon GLS
  • Leather GLS option
  • Semi-gloss carbon GLS
  • Leather GLS option
  • Semi-gloss ash GLS
  • Seat materials
  • Garnish materials
Interior color

With four classy color options, you can keep your interior a solid black or go the chic-combo route.
Santa Fe offers wide range of options for the interior materials black one tone, gray two tone, beige two tone and black
one tone plus brown seat. Stylish design and high-end materials create an emotional and soft quality
reminiscent of high-end sedan.

  • santa fe interior front seat
  • santa fe interior rear seat

Overhead console with lighting system

Overhead console

Configuration of overhead console has been modified by adding supersensitive microphone, panorama sunroof and power tailgate system. In addition, the edge of overhead console has been refined with chrome.
Power window adjustment control system detects object on the window

Power window adjustment control system

A single touch AUTO - UP function offers enhanced safety. Plus it automatically rolls down when an obstacle is detected.
  • Only available in select regions
Door scuffs with Santa Fe logo

Door scuffs

Get in and out of the car easier than ever, and say goodbye to grease stains.
Seat warming and cooling air ventilation system illustrated

Seat warming & Cooling air ventilation

The front seat ventilation system circulates air naturally for a more comfortable ride, and seat warmers in every seat provide a warm and cozy travel experience to every passenger.

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