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Shackleton’s Return

The global ad campaign “Shackleton's Return”
won six awards at the 2017 Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity.


Robust on style

Santa Fe’s Storm Edge concept represents bold and robust design that indicates the power and delicacy of nature during the storm creation in the sky.       

Front view of blue Santa Fe
Front view of blue Santa Fe with snowy mountain background

Bold yet delicate, voluminous yet balanced

Rear view of blue Santa Fe with mountain background

Solid and spacious, energetic and careful

Illustrated advance smart cruise control

Advanced smart cruise control (ASCC)

For maximum safety and comfort in stop-and-go traffic, the advanced driving system efficiently maintains a pre-determined distance with the car ahead and automatically restarts the engine after a complete stop when it's ready to take off again.
  • Only available with automatic transmission
Autonomous emergency brake illustrated

Autonomous emergency brake (AEB)

Engineered to protect the driver and passengers from severe impact or collision on the road, Santa Fe's state-of-the-art Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system automatically slows down the vehicle and provides additional safety for all when needed most.
  • Only available with automatic transmission
  • Only available in select regions
High beam assist illustrated

High beam assist (HBA)

Enhanced visibility of High beam assist (HBA) makes it possible to detect oncoming vehicles from a great distance and automatically switches to dipped beam when necessary.
  • Only available in select regions
Blind spot detection activates on the side mirror with reflection of white Santa Fe approaching from behind

Blind spot detection (BSD)

Blind spot detection (BSD) lets you drive with ease by detecting vehicles in the blind spot and alerts the driver of fast approaching vehicles to help you avoid potential rear-end collision.
All-around view display system illustrated

All-around view display system

Taking your safety to the next level, Santa Fe provides an ideal 360 degree camera view via clear display with visual information including the blind spot all around the vehicle in diverse roads and driving conditions.
  • Only available with automatic transmission
  • Only available in select regions
European AVN 2.0 and Premium sound system

European AVN 2.0 & Premium sound system

Along with 8" color TFT smart navigation system for diverse driving information and multi-media, discover true-to-life sounds of radio, CD or MP3 files with the premium system that comes in standard or alternative options with 6 speakers.
  • Only available in select regions


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