Aiming for world-best chassis
We deploy cutting-edge materials and new technologies in the development of chassis parts to secure unrivalled riding comfort, driving performance and safety. Chassis parts that have undergone advanced virtual analyses and passed numerous tests and standards deliver world-best performance.

Chassis system

The suspension acts to mitigate any vibrations or shocks from the road while driving to provide a comfortable ride and ensure that the vehicle drives, brakes and turns according to the driver’s will by improving handling performance.

  • Front-wheel suspension
  • Rear-wheel suspension
  • Brakes
The steering system is directly controlled by the driver and acts as a two-way communication system between the driver and the vehicle. The system relays accurate information on the road to the driver, and the driver’s intention to the vehicle. This enables the vehicle to nimbly respond to the driver’s steering inputs for optimal driving convenience and handling.
Kinetic energy of the vehicle in motion is turned into heat energy via friction to reduce the speed of the vehicle or bring it to a stop. There are a growing number of brake applications connected to electronic systems to ensure greater safety. The Anti-lock brake system (ABS) improves braking safety while Electronic stability control (ESC) enhances vehicle stability.

Chassis control

Driving performance
"Active geometry controlled suspension (AGCS)"
When the vehicle rolls due to sudden turning, the vehicle speed and information from the steering wheel angle sensor actively control the angle of the outer rear wheel to improve cornering stability.

"Variable rack stroke (VRS)"
The VRS system utilizes the space usually reserved for snow chains to drastically reduce the turning radius of the vehicle and improve driving convenience when making a U-turn or parking.