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Enjoy the distinctive appeal of the new i40 Sedan


The attraction begins with the new-look headlamps, bold new hexagonal grille, and continues all the way to the sleek new tail lamps

  • Expressive design The distinctive front grille with chrome detailing,
    elegant LED fog lamps and sleek exterior
    confirm the attraction of the new i40 Sedan.
  • Athletically elegant With its precisely contoured bodywork and striking,
    all-new alloy wheels, the new i40 Sedan creates an
    unmistakably dynamic impression.

Interior design

The cockpit of the new i40 Sedan has been designed to keep the driver informed and entertained throughout every journey. The fine audio system with 6 speakers, external power amplifier and sub-woofer delivering premium quality sound to all corners of the cabin. There’s also an advanced 4.3” colour TFT LCD supervision screen and an upgraded 7” navigation system with DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), providing the highest sound quality and further additional services.

Supervision cluster (4.3”)
Navigation system
  • 7-speed Double Clutch Transmission (DCT)

    The new 7-speed DCT transmission offers drivers the choice of fully automatic operation or sequential manual gear changes. Manual gear
    selection is by way of the gear-lever or steering wheel-mounted paddles for a more involving driving experience. Combined with the 1.7 CRDi
    diesel engines, it delivers a CO2 rating of just 119 g/km (standard car) or 110 g/km with the Idle Stop & Go (ISG) option. only available with certain engine types

It’s the expressive combination of headlamps, hexagonal grille and
LED fog lamps that define the face of the new i40 Sedan.
  • moreHID headlamps
    moreLED front fog lamps
    moreRadiator grille
    • HID headlamps The Bi-Xenon headlamps of the new i40 Sedan light up the night with brighter illumination and greater clarity. Self-levelling is standard. Optional Smart High Beam (SHB) monitors oncoming traffic to avoid dazzling other drivers by switching main beam back to dipped beam.
    • LED front fog lamps Optional LED front fog lamps feature simple clear lenses. The extremely low mounting height delivers the most effective lighting in foggy driving conditions.
    • Radiator grille Between the sleek headlamps sits the prominent new hexagonal grille. It is available in two versions, with and without chrome detailing to the horizontal bars.
  • morePanorama sunroof
    moreOutside mirror repeaters
    • Panorama sunroof Available as an option, the twin-panel opening glass roof lets sunlight flood the cabin with bright, invigorating light. Retractable blinds and a practical wind deflector complete the picture.
    • Outside mirror repeaters Aerodynamically sculpted door mirror housings minimize wind noise and include integrated LED side indicator repeaters for safer lane changes.
    • Wheels There’s an attractive range of eye-catching alloy wheels to choose from. Whether it’s the elegant 18” 10-spoke wheels with 225/45 R18 tyres or stylish 17” 10-spoke wheels with 215/50 R17 tyres, all have been designed to enhance the striking design of the new i40 Sedan.
  • moreLED rear combination
    moreLED high-mounted
    stop lamp (HMSL)
    • LED rear combination lamps The sculpted shapes of the large wrap-around tail lamps unite the expressive contours and shapes. LED technology means clarity and brightness are optimized, they react faster and alert other drivers more quickly.
    • LED high-mounted stop lamp (HMSL) Maximum visibility and protection are ensured by integrating this safety feature into the lip of the discrete roof spoiler. An array of LEDs provide the bright red light.

  • Wiper de-icer
    A heating element embedded in the base of the windscreen melts away ice and frees up frozen wiper blades.
The whole interior of the new i40 Sedan delivers a master class in the art of interior design. It’s a carefully
crafted blend of high-quality materials, stylishly muted colour combinations and as much comfort, space and
convenience as could be wished for in this class.
Seat color
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Leather
  • Cloth
  • Leather
  • Cloth
  • Leather
  • Seat materials
Interior space

The cabin dimensions of the new i40 Sedan are among the best in the class, with seats that deliver high levels of comfort
for even the longest journeys.

Steering wheel remote controls

Controlling and adjusting audio functions via the remote controls on the steering wheel means there’s no need for the driver’s hands to leave the wheel when driving.

Audio remote controls

Auto cruise controls

steering wheel

Trip computer

Power seats

Adjustable in 10 different ways, the electrically powered adjustment of the driver’s seat includes a powered lumbar support for greater comfort and safety. The driver’s Integrated memory seat (IMS) conveniently returns the seat to the preferred position.

Fully automatic air conditioning

Both driver and front passenger have the possibility to select individual temperatures according to their preferences. The system then maintains the desired temperatures for each zone.

Front seat ventilation system

Fans built into the front seats blow gentle streams of cooling air through the micro perforations in the leather seat surfaces. Available as an option only with leather seats.

Luggage space

With a capacity of 505 litres, and a further 20 litres under the trunk floor (with Tire Mobility Kit), the luggage capacity of the i40 Sedan is one of the best in its class.

Rear seat centre armrest

Rear seat passengers benefit from the convenience of a hinged and padded armrest. It includes built-in cup-holders and storage space.

Heated seats

Front seats feature three-stage heated seat cushions and backrests. Rear seat cushions are also heated.


  • Centre console
    Beneath the comfortably padded centre armrest between the front seats are different storage compartments to accommodate CDs and other small items.

  • Storage system with cup holders
    The front floor console can accommodate two water bottles and other smaller items. A sliding cover helps keep things tidy and out of sight.

  • Glove box
    Cooled air can be streamed into the glove box to keep refreshments cool while travelling.

  • Sport bucket seats
    The deeper side bolsters of the contoured sport bucket seats provide the enthusiastic driver with enhanced support when cornering. Available with the black interior only.

  • Scuff plates
    A familiar feature of up-market cars, these stylish protective plates guard the paintwork of the i40 from scratches and scuffs while entering or leaving the vehicle.
Engines that provide the new i40 Sedan with ample reserves of power and torque,
whatever you’re carrying, wherever you’re going. Choose from our range of modern power units,
there are two petrol engines and two diesels.
  • 1.7 CRDi
    diesel engine (Standard)

    Our high-torque 1.7 CRDi diesel engines are available in two versions. This entry output unit achieves a commendable 119 g/km CO2 rating in standard form, or 110 g/km with optional Idle Stop & Go (ISG).

    Max. Power
    115 ps
    Max. Torque
    28.6 kg·m
  • 1.7 CRDi
    diesel engine (High)

    For more demanding drivers, or those regularly carrying heavier loads, we’ve developed a high output version of the 1.7 CRDi diesel. It delivers higher levels of power and torque for a more exciting and responsive driving experience.


    Max. Power
    141 ps
    Max. Torque
    34.7 kg·m
  • 2.0 GDi
    Petrol engine

    This refined version of the previous 2.0 GDi unit has been re-engineered to provide overall driveability and efficiency, delivering maximum torque lower down the torque range.

    Max. Power
    165 ps
    Max. Torque
    20.8 kg·m
  • 1.6 GDi
    Petrol engine

    Our entry-level engine produces more than enough power and torque for the new i40 Sedan, while being frugal with fuel and keeping exhaust emissions to a minimum. Like all new i40 engines it meets Euro 6 standards.

    Max. Power
    135 ps
    Max. Torque
    16.8 kg·m
  • 7-speed Double Clutch Transmission (DCT) The new 7-speed DCT transmission offers drivers the choice of fully automatic operation or sequential manual gear changes. Manual gear selection is by way of the gear-lever or steering wheel-mounted paddles for a more involving driving experience. Combined with the 1.7 CRDi diesel engines, it delivers a CO2 rating of just 119 g/km (standard car) or 110 g/km with the Idle Stop & Go (ISG) option.
  • Advanced Traction Cornering Control (ATCC) The system uses electronic sensors that emulate the behaviour of a limited-slip differential during cornering, providing additional traction, better grip and therefore better handling. ATCC has been specially tailored to enhance the already impressive driving characteristics of the new i40 Sedan.

  • 6-speed automatic transmission
    The 6-speed automatic transmission, available on 2.0 GDi engine, is compact, smooth and quiet.

  • 6-speed manual transmission
    For driving purists who prefer to do their own shifting, the new i40 Sedan offers a 6-speed manual transmission. Economical, quiet, ultra-smooth and durable.

  • Paddle shifters
    Enjoy rapid-fire upshifts and downshifts thanks to the steering wheel-mounted shift paddles, as found on high-end sports cars. only available with AT and DCT

  • Drive mode system
    Available only with automatic transmissions, drive mode system enables drivers to optimize their drive mode based on feedback from sensors monitoring the road and driving conditions.
Predicting the unpredictable is not possible, but the new i40 Sedan is equipped with
advanced avoidance systems that can help keep you out of trouble.
  • Speed Limit Information Function (SLIF)

    The new Speed Limit Identification Function system reads roadside signs and
    displays the prevailing speed limit via the new TFT display in the instrument panel.
    The new i40 is the first Hyundai to offer this technology.

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

    Directional stability and traction are constantly monitored, so that, if the potential for a skid or spin
    is detected, ESC intervenes with measured brake intervention on individual wheels to avoid the

  • Brake Assist System (BAS)

    This system uses advanced electronics to assess road conditions and vehicle weight
    distribution to apply the optimum braking force to stop the vehicle safely within the
    shortest possible distance.

  • Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

    Should the vehicle depart from the driving lane without signalling in advance, LKAS
    recognizes this and responds by sounding an audible alert warning to the driver and
    actively correcting the steering direction. The system is a potential life-saver for a
    driver who may be dozing off at the wheel.

  • High Beam Assist (HBA)

    The HDI headlamps in the new i40 Sedan are capable of sensing the presence of
    oncoming traffic at night, automatically switching from high beam to low beam to
    avoid dazzling other drivers.

  • SLIF
  • ESC
  • BAS
  • LKAS
  • HBA
  • END
  • 9-airbag system The new i40 Sedan offers up to 9, including each driver and passenger airbags, front and rear curtain airbags and 2 front thorax-pelvis side airbags and 2 rear thorax side airbags at the outboard seating positions, plus an airbag offering driver knee protection.

  • Electric Parking Brake (EPB)
    The smart brake control button is especially easy to use and also frees up precious cabin space.

  • Child seat anchor system
    The easy-to-use ISOFIX system ensures that compatible child seats are securely anchored for maximum safety.
The new i40 Sedan is loaded with features and systems that can make life easier
every day, on every journey.
  • Supervision cluster with 4.3" TFT LCD colour screen The supervision cluster with 4.3” TFT LCD colour screen brings unprecedented clarity and brilliance to information display, while actually relaxing the eyes and making everything easier to read. Nestled between the twin major dials, the supervision cluster displays a variety of useful information including driving distance, average fuel consumption, parking assist system, and current speed limit.
  • HID headlamps with Adaptive Front Lighting System(AFLS) Activating the left or right turn signal when executing a turn or negotiating a curve turns on the corresponding static bending light. Standard on all models, it helps illuminate pedestrians or obstacles. The optional Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFLS) uses a pivoting mechanism linked to the steering direction to continuously aim the headlamps in the direction of travel.
  • Sound system with 6 speakers & external amplifier The standard audio configuration comes with 6 speakers delivering rich, wonderful sound. Upgrade options include an Infinity amplifier with sub-woofer.
  • Smart Parking Assist System (SPAS) This optional system helps you park safely, especially in confined spaces. Shift into reverse, and sensors in the front and rear bumpers will start to measure obstacle proximity. When you’re getting too close, you’ll get an audible alert. A rear-view display system is also available as part of an optional package.

  • Audio system (Radio / DAB / CD / MP3)
    The standard audio system has 6 speakers, an AM/FM radio and CD player with MP3 playback capability. The premium audio system adds an external power amplifier with sub-woofer.

  • Engine start / stop button
    Engine start / stop button eliminates the need to insert the key into the ignition. As long as you have the key with you, the i40 Sedan can be started and turned off with a simple push of the button.

  • Connectivity (AUX and USB)
    Connective ports are provided to connect most types of personal music players including USB memory devices.

  • Electro Chromic Mirror (ECM)
    The Electro Chromic Mirror (ECM) automatically senses and reduces light intrusion from following vehicles, dramatically reducing eye fatigue.


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  • Front skirt Front skirt
    They protect the paint and body against scratches and dings while simultaneously accentuating the vehicle´s striking design.
  • Side skirt Side skirt
    They protect the paint and body against scratches and dings while simultaneously accentuating the vehicle´s striking design.
  • Alloy wheel kit 18 Alloy wheel kit 18"
    18" 10 double-spoke alloy wheel, suitable for 225/45 R18 tyres. Kit includes a cap and five nuts.
  • Alloy wheel kit 16 Alloy wheel kit 16"
    16" 5-spoke alloy wheel, suitable for 205/60 R16 tyres. Kit includes a cap and five nuts.
  • Alloy wheel kit 17 Alloy wheel kit 17"
    17" 10-spoke alloy wheel, suitable for 215/50 R17 tyres. Kit includes a cap and five nuts.
  • Trunk organizer 8021L Trunk organizer 8021L
    Large sized cargo box with a zip-top closure. With a volume of 64 liters, everything stays perfectly organised and exactly where it belongs.
  • Trunk organizer 8019 S Trunk organizer 8019 S
    Small sized bag with 27 litre capacity. Be it shopping or sportswear, this junior organiser tucks all your kit away tidily.
  • Trunk organizer 8020 M Trunk organizer 8020 M
    Medium sized soft box with a volume of 41 liters. The bag’s antislip base ensures that it remains stable during the trip.
  • Litter bag 8014 Litter bag 8014
    Keep your car free of clutter. This small bag fits perfectly behind the head rest. A sleek space saver.
  • Luggage net Luggage net
    Keeps luggage in postion and prevents tumbling and damages.
  • Cargo separator, upper frame Cargo separator, upper frame
    Easy to fit or remove, this robust grid protects vehicle occupants from the movement of cargo items, especially when braking. It is designed not to obstruct the driver’s rearward view.
  • ProRide 591 bike carier ProRide 591 bike carier
    After the bike is placed upon the frame holder, all adjustment and securing can be carried out at roof height using the single-handed rotary knob. The weight limit is 20 kg.