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Exterior Color
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  • World’s first series-production
  • Brand new eco-friendly technology
  • Maximum safety

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Wavering between the environment and performance? With ix35 Fuel Cell, you can have it all.
  • World’s first series-production

    The ix35 Fuel Cell was awarded first place for 2013 Price Future Auto for being the first auto maker to successfully begin series production 2 years ahead of competitors.

  • More miles covered

    The 4th?generation of Fuel Cell vehicles has a maximum range of 594 km on a single tank of fuel. You will be surprised to know that it takes only 3 minutes to charge.

  • Absolutely environmental

    The ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle produces zero harmful tailpipe emissions. The only thing to come out of the tailpipe is water.

  • Gearing up for the future

    Hyundai aims to protect the global environment and lead the industry with
    regenerative environmental technology. We started research and development in the
    late 1990s to find an effective way to reduce air pollution caused by traffic, and we
    developed fuel cell vehicles that produce only water, no toxic exhaust.

  • Market forecast

    The environmentally friendly car market is projected to continue
    growing based on high demand for green vehicles. Source: Nomura Research Institute

This is what it looks and feels like, what it does and doesn't do.
It's here today, to take you for a ride.
  • moreRadiator grille
    moreFog lamps with Daytime
    running light (DRL)
    • Radiator grille A well-defined hexagonal radiator grille sets the tone for future cars. The blue emblem represents the vehicle’s eco-friendly identity. The chrome radiator opens up the new era of the automotive industry.
    • Fog lamps with Daytime running light (DRL) With their aggressive detailing and purposeful look, the fog lamps incorporated into the bumper lend ix35 Fuel Cell stage presence. It knows where it's going. Daytime running light (DRL) make sure that you are seen in low light and even under broad daylight.
    • Fog lamps with Daytime running light (DRL) With their aggressive detailing and purposeful look, the fog lamps incorporated into the bumper lend ix35 Fuel Cell stage presence. It knows where it's going. Daytime running light (DRL) make sure that you are seen in low light and even under broad daylight.
  • moreHydrogen
    • Hydrogen receptacle The hydrogen receptacle has been specifically designed for fast and safe hydrogen charging. It’s what marks ix35 Fuel Cell as a state-of-the-art fuel cell vehicle.
    • Wheels 17" alloy wheels unique to ix35 Fuel Cell add sophistication to a safe drive.
  • moreRear combination
    • Rear combination lamps Bright rear lamps provide excellent visibility even in poor conditions, helping you cope with any weather conditions.
When we say you’re in control, we mean you’re in control.

Manual tilt & telescopic
power steering wheel

The steering wheel can be adjusted up and down, in and out until it’s exactly to your liking.

Manual tilt & telescopic
power steering wheel

The steering wheel can be adjusted up and down, in and out until it’s exactly to your liking.

Drive mode control system

The "E" mode offers low-cost fuel efficiency for normal driving. The "L" mode is a low-speed mode that enables the engine to react to high deceleration and brake like a conventional vehicle.


  • Overhead console
    Deluxe map lamp and sunglass case offer convenient storage.

  • Storage system (cup holder)
    With the handbrake located on the floor, there’s more room for an over-sized cup holder.

  • Storage system (floor console)
    The large storage area can accommodate a small 11" laptop.
Solutions to environmental issues arising from limited resources and
fossil fuel use have been long sought after.

ix35 Fuel Cell drivetrain

The fuel cell stack, electric motor, battery and hydrogen tank are the main components of the Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV), that is, ix35 Fuel Cell. When hydrogen stored in the tank enters the fuel cell stack, broken down into protons and electrons. The flow of electrons created in the fuel cell provides electricity, and the protons react with oxygen molecules from the air, generating heat and water. Electricity generated from the fuel cell is first transmitted to the inverter and then to the motor, which creates power that turns the wheel, making the vehicle move.

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3
  4. Step 4
  5. Step 5

Step 1Hydrogen stored in the tank is supplied
to the fuel cell stack.

Step 2An inflow of air is supplied to
the fuel cell stack.

Step 3The reaction of air and hydrogen in
the fuel cell stack generates electricity
and water.

Step 4Generated electricity is supplied to
the electric motor.

Step 5Water is emitted.


Hydrogen tank

The hydrogen tank of ix35 Fuel Cell stores the hydrogen for the vehicle.
Thanks to the 700-bar high pressure hydrogen tank, ix35 Fuel Cell has
an operating range of 594 km per charge.

High voltage battery

ix35 Fuel Cell is equipped with a lightweight and compact lithium-polymer
battery with high output and efficiency. It temporarily stores a portion of the
electricity generated by the fuel cell stack. Electricity stored in the battery,
along with electricity generated from the stack, gives you an extra boost
during acceleration.

Fuel Cell stack

Hydrogen and oxygen combine in the fuel cell stack to
produce electricity that powers ix35 Fuel Cell. Water is
the only byproduct of this reaction, making ix35 Fuel Cell
a truly zero-CO₂-emissions vehicle.

Electric drive motor and reducer

An electric drive motor, a powertrain connecting the
motor with wheels, converts electric energy supplied
through an inverter into mechanical torque. When
decelerating, the motor also converts mechanical
torque to electricity, which is then stored in the
battery. The reducer, playing the role of a gearshift,
amplifies torque by adjusting the motor’s rotational
speed, allowing efficient vehicle
operation on various terrains.


The inverter converts a high-voltage direct
current from the fuel cell stack to an
alternating current, which is supplied to
operate the electric motor. It also controls
rotation speed and torque.

Hydrogen is the alternative energy source with the greatest potential. Whether it's the hydrogen fuel tank or cabin space,
ix35 Fuel Cell has undergone countless safety tests to make sure you enjoy the ultimate level of safety.
  • Fire Test

    In a comparison fire safety test conducted with internal combustion engine vehicles, it performed outstandingly: unlike the internal combustion engine vehicle, which lacks the high-pressure fuel tank and sensors, ix35 Fuel Cell averted explosion by sensing the fire’s heat and emitting hydrogen safely.

  • Hydrogen Tank
    Certification Test

    Fabricated from aluminum alloy and carbon composite, hydrogen tanks have passed numerous tests and verifications, including burst tests in pressures higher than working pressure, drop tests in accident scenarios and crash tests involving guns, to be certified as safe for mass production.

  • Crash Test

    Crash tests were conducted for ix35 Fuel Cell in the same condition that the internal combustion engine vehicles were. In various collision simulations, e.g. front-end, rear-end and broadside, the car showed excellent safety performance by demonstrating mostly normal operation without damage to the hydrogen tank and without hydrogen leakage.

Crash Test : Based on FMVSS 301 fuel system stiffness evaluation and FMVSS 305EV & hybrid hydrogen vehicle crash test regulations.
(FMVSS: Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards)

  • 6-airbag system
    ix35 Fuel Cell comes with 6 airbags: dual front airbags for the driver and passenger plus dual front seat mounted airbags and dual side curtain airbags for added protection.

  • Active headrest
    In the event of a rear-end collision, active headrests will adjust themselves taking into consideration the size and weight of the person in the seat to minimize neck injury.

  • Hydrogen sensor
    4 hydrogen sensors strategically located inside the vehicle to detect inflow of hydrogen due to leakage.
The sophisticated style and convenience of ix35 Fuel Cell remain,
while the distinct features of ix35 Fuel Cell add new depth to an already impressive repertoire.
  • convenience_view_01
    Supervision cluster With an elegant color scheme, the Supervision cluster adds to the design’s
    sophistication. Better screen visibility informs the driver of the vehicle’s status and
    more while being easy on the eyes.
    • convenience_slide_image_01
    • convenience_slide_image_02
    • convenience_slide_image_03
    • convenience_slide_image_04
    • convenience_slide_image_05
    • TRIP A
    • Distance to empty
    • Elapsed time
    • Instant fuel economy
    • Refueling count
  • convenience_view_02
    Seat folding system Exception flexibility in the choice of seat positions. Upright, front seats
    semi-flat, 2nd row seats split-folding and full-folding. The choice is yours.
  • convenience_view_03
    Electric drive motor and reducer The "E mode" for normal driving is a unique feature of the motor-driven
    ix35 Fuel Cell. The "L mode" is a low-speed mode that enables the
    engine to brake like any conventional vehicle.
  • convenience_view_04
    Energy flow modes The display shows various vehicle modes: Fuel Cell Mode, Idle Charging Mode,
    Power Assist Mode and Regenerative Braking Mode.

    Hydrogen stored in the tank and the atmosphere’s oxygen are supplied to the Fuel
    Cell stack to generate electricity, which is then supplied to the motor to drive the car.


    The hybrid batteries are charged by the fuel cell when
    the battery charging level is low.


    The electricity generated in the fuel cell stack is used together with electricity
    stored in the high-voltage battery to boost output temporarily.


    The kinetic energy of the car is converted back to electricity through
    the motor to recharge the high-voltage battery.

  • convenience_view_05
    Rear parking assist system (RPAS) The parking assist system alerts you of obstacles in the rear when parking.
    It’s like having eyes in the back of your head.

  • Rear-view display system
    Reverse parking is made safer and more convenient by the vehicle’s camera monitoring system.

  • Steering wheel remote controls
    Stay focused on the road with convenient steering remote control.

  • Power button
    The single-touch start button makes starting and stopping the car easier and more intuitive.


Select a Trim
Electric Reducer FWD (5-Seater)
General Category Eco
Product Label Electric Reducer FWD (5-Seater)
Model Name ix35 Fuel Cell
Seats 5
Fuel Cell Power Ouput (kW) 100
Power Storage
Li-ion Battery Ouput (kW) 24
Front Mounted
Induction Motor
Max. Power (ps / rpm) 136 / 5,000
Max. Torque (kg·m / rpm) 30.6 / 1,000
Power Output (kW) 100
Max Speed (kph) 160
Acceleration (0 - 100 kph) (sec) 12.5
Transmission Transmission Type Reducer
Fuel Consumption Fuel Type Hydrogen
Fuel Consumption (Urban / City) (kg / 100km) 0.8896
Fuel Consumption (Extra Urban / Highway) (kg / 100km) 0.9868
Fuel Consumption (Combined) (kg / 100km) 0.9512
CO2 Emission (Combined) (g / km) Water vapor only
Hydrogen Tank Capacity (liter) 144
Exterior Overall Length (mm) 4,410
Overall Width (mm) 1,820
Overall Height (mm) 1,650
Wheelbase (mm) 2,640
Front Wheel Tread (mm) 1,585
Rear Wheel Tread (mm) 1,586
Front Over Hang (mm) 880
Rear Over Hang (mm) 890
Cargo Cargo Area (VDA) (liter) 551
Weight Lightest Curb Weight (kg) 2,250
Heaviest Curb Weight (kg) 2,290
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 2,290
Wheels & Tire Wheels 6.5J X 17"
Tires 225/60R17
Tire labelling grade
Tire supplier Tire size Fuel Efficiency
Wet Grip
External Rolling Noise
*GRADE / Result (dB)
Hankook 225/60R17 99H C C W2 / 70(dB)
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