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#InCharge with BTS
IONIQ vision

#In Charge with BTS

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Selected as the sole recipient of the Top Rank Global Sustainable Future Leader award by the United Nations, global icons BTS and Hyundai unite once again to celebrate the launch of Hyundai's brand new sustainable mobility brand, IONIQ. At the heart of this partnership is an epic new music video ‘I’m on It’. We take a look behind the scenes to see where the inspiration for the video comes from, and what makes the members of the band feel ‘in charge'.


SUGA lounges on his double bed as it floats on a star-lit lake. Jimin sits on a sofa nestled in a vast desert. Jin warms up his vocal cords in a recording studio amongst the trees. The music video ‘I’m on It’ is a surreal visual spectacle… But what’s it all about?

The collaboration between BTS and Hyundai marks the launch of the new electric lifestyle brand IONIQ, celebrating the freedom to live a sustainable life without compromise. It’s all about “Infinite possibilities”, reflects band member Jin.


IONIQ offers people the chance to ‘take charge’ of doing the right thing, whilst living freely and embracing everything that life has to offer.

And with their seemingly unlimited energy, ambition, and creativity, what better ambassadors are there for the IONIQ brand than BTS?

The song basically means ‘I’m in charge’ of the lifestyle I pursue.
I create each moment and experience with IONIQ. Anything is possible. JIN

Shared values are a huge part of the collaboration – with both the boyband and Hyundai making strides in their own fields – and together – for a more sustainable future. It’s their positive, energetic influence, and ability to share environmental concerns and interests with their fans that makes them so special. “I don’t think there is anything more powerful than our bond with our fans,” says j-hope. “As many people love us, we're trying to blend into society with a better influence,” adds Jin.

But how do they take charge themselves? It can come from spending time in nature, appreciating it and therefore respecting it, or via their songwriting and music.
“We always try to improve our way of thinking,” says RM, “I think our albums and dances reflect our progress.”

By doing this, they hope to encourage their fans around the world to think in a similarly sustainable way. “Thanks to the previous campaigns with Hyundai, such as our joint Global Hydrogen Campaign to encourage the use of clean energy, it has made me realize it is possible to have the forests we enjoy, the blue sky, the emerald sea,” says J-hope, “if we try our best.”

For the band members, this is what the song I’m On It represents. “The song basically means ‘I’m in charge’ – of the lifestyle I pursue. I create each moment and experience with IONIQ. Anything is possible,” says Jin.


“The members’ personalities are merged into the song… Each member has a story to tell,” adds SUGA, the prolific composer and producer within the group, who feels most ‘in charge’ when he’s alone, spending time conceiving a new piece of music.

The global superstars have a simple goal in mind and it is in hopes of steering toward a brighter, cleaner future for later generations. “I hope we can see more eco-friendly cars in our future,” says V. “And since eco-friendly cars are electric or hydrogen-powered cars, then that means not only is there no noise produced, but it is also better for the earth and more sustainable. I would like to go somewhere quiet where people don’t go, like a drive in the mountains while feeling the breeze,” says Jung Kook.

Jung Kook

With IONIQ, this is possible.

The launch of the IONIQ brand signals a new era of sustainable living and the BTS partnership brings to life the infinite possibilities that come with this. The IONIQ brand will offer more than electric vehicles, but highly personalized experiences. Vehicles will no longer just get you from A to B, but understand and enhance your life. Electric driving is about to become electric living.

As RM contemplates… “Everything comes naturally.
There are no boundaries”.



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