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2020 Prophecy


The "Prophecy" concept car clearly expresses Hyundai's design philosophy, Sensuous Sportiness, expanding on the era-defining example set by last year's "45" concept EV that stripped away complexity in favor of clean lines and minimalistic structures.  “Prophecy"  follows suit with an iconic silhouette of perfect proportions that have been inspired by an aerodynamic design.

prophecy side silhouette


The Emotional Connection of Prophecy is made possible by several attributes of the EV. The essential goal is to leverage to its extended wheelbase of the skateboard concept and the shorter overhang in order to give birth to the Ultimate Automotive Form. Prophecy’s typology illustrates New EV Profile, a novel structure that has never been seen before.

The predominant character of the Prophecy is recognizable in the immaculate side view, reminiscent of the perfectly weathered stone. The clean and simple. One Curve streamline that stretches from the front to the rear of the vehicle defines timeless design – what is most pristine is timeless and immaculate. The conscious restraint manifest in its contour is at once present and recognizable even from a great distance.

prophecy rear view

Sensuous Sportiness finds its full expression with the "Prophecy" exterior.

Prophecy’s design brings together the perfect harmony of aesthetics and functionality of ‘Sensuous Sportiness,’ instantly making Prophecy one of its kind. The voluptuous side section extends its maximum volume to the rear fender, while the boat-tail exudes dynamic energy and elegance, simultaneously. More importantly, the design provides excellence in aerodynamics, a feature indispensable to an electric car.

There is another instrument that enhances aerodynamics. The design element in the wheel that looks like the propeller of an airplane sucks in air that flows down the side of the car. As a result, the air is compelled to adhere close to the body of the car.

Sliding from the roof to the rear brings you to the bottom of the rear glass, which is met by the Spoiler. By leveraging the down force, the spoiler adds to driving stability.

The transparent acrylic material provides a clear view of the functional components inside. This intentional design feature is integrated in the spoiler, the headlamp, and in the CMS(Camera Monitoring System). While eliminating design garnish, the clear acrylic does authentic justice to the functional beauty of the components.

Pixel lighting provides an effective display of Hyundai’s progressive lighting technology. Pixels integrated into the headlamp, rear lamp and the spoiler come together to form a holistic structure, presenting a new level of freedom of expression.

The lighting appears to perform a 3D scan of the vehicle exterior; the embracing performance provides a unique sensual visual experience. Pixelated lamps will be carried forward as a signature design element in future Hyundai models.

prophecy exterior


The interior of "Prophecy" underlines the advantages of using the stretched cabin of an EV platform. Instead of a conventional automotive interior, a lifestyle space of refinement and comfort provides customers with a warm welcome.

With "Prophecy," Hyundai has created an interior environment where eco-friendly design and material selection have been combined to demonstrate the company's vision for EVs of the future.

External intakes placed at the bottom of the side doors allow air to circulate through Clean Air Technology, providing a steady stream of purified air inside the vehicle. In addition, the treated air is circulated back out into the atmosphere as clean air.

The flow of clean air over the interior's wool-based felt carpet is inspired by the flow of water in nature.

The interior's colours and materials compel passengers to take time to decompress, aided by low intensity ambient lighting, while gently soothing modulated colours encourage rest and relaxation.

prophecy side interior

"Prophecy" utilizes autonomous driving technology.

Instead of a steering wheel, joysticks provide a completely new yet reassuringly familiar and intuitive driving experience.

By offering two joysticks that can pivot left and right, one in the center console and another on the door trim, drivers are able to control the vehicle from a position of comfort. Furthermore, drivers have access to a wide variety of functions, which can be selected via the joysticks' integrated buttons. Ultimately, this human-machine interface enhances passenger safety.


Design changes that have been enabled by the use of joysticks offer more visual freedom to passengers. In Relax mode, passengers have virtually zero visual obstacles. In a comfortably reclined position, all that the passengers see is the horizontal pillar-to-pillar display and the wing-shaped dashboard. In this mode, the dashboard swivels, allowing for a spacious interior and seat position from which passengers are able to enjoy content shown on the display. 

prophecy interior joysticks

Eco-friendly design and material selection define what Hyundai desires in its electric cars. Outside air enters through the air intake placed at the bottom of the side doors. Circulated through the Clean Air Technology, it provides a steady stream of clean air inside the vehicle. In addition, the treated air is circulated back out into the atmosphere as clean air. In other words, Prophecy is no less than a moving air purifier traveling around the city.

The colors and materials chosen for the Prophecy’s interior compel city-dwellers to take a brief piece of time to meditate. Low intensity lighting and the modulated colors gently cradle the passenger into a quiet space of rest. The wool-based felt carpet that covers the interior floor expresses the movement of water flowing in nature’s streams and that of clean air circulating in the atmosphere. All interior materials are made from renewable resources.

prophecy interior seat


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