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A gray IONIQ 5 drives along a road beside a lake with snow-capped mountains in the background.
Sustainable mobility

Nature in Charge:
A Sustainable Road Trip
to Iceland

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Have you been feeling a sense of wanderlust lately? With the world starting to open again and travel becoming easier again, many of us are wondering how to travel more sustainably. To inspire you, we invite you to join us on a road trip around Iceland in the all-electric IONIQ 5, the first model in our dedicated electric line-up brand.

Tracks without a trace

Here at Hyundai, we’re committed to building an emissions-free world for Generation One. To do so, we need to ensure that our cars can power your life in a way that is kind to the environment. As we glide around Iceland in an IONIQ 5, in our latest video, you will see this in practice – empowering and enabling everyone to travel without leaving a trace.

There’s no travel experience more freeing and liberating for the soul than a road trip. As the road stretches out in front of you towards the horizon, you have the freedom to drive at your own pace and stop wherever you want for as long as you want. And what better way to get around than in an IONIQ 5?

A lone mountain on the side of a lake in Iceland.
A gray IONIQ 5 standing alone with mountains in front of it.
A view through the windscreen of the IONIQ 5 with mountains and lakes ahead.
A white hut sat on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea in Iceland.


Iceland has a landscape like no other. As you can see in the video, the rugged landscape is dotted with geysers and hot springs. It rises into craggy peaks and rocky volcanos, falls into deep valleys, and sweeps out to the ocean where the waves beat on the rocks. It has a distinctly other-worldly feel to it.

It is a landscape that incites both awe and mystery and it’s easy to see why the country is renowned for its folklore. Yet, despite its imposing, ancient, awe-inspiring terrain, Iceland’s natural landscape is fragile and as such, it needs protection. It is one of the world’s many areas of amazing natural beauty and we need to work together to preserve it for future generations.

You don’t have to drive for long before you find yourself deep in Icelandic nature.

Taking in the sights

In this road trip film, we stop at some of Iceland’s famous natural wonders. Look out the window and you will see the Great Geyser – the geyser that gives all other geysers their names – and will also explore the Snæsfelljökull peninsula and the incredible black beach at Hjörleifshöfði. All of these locations epitomize the dramatic beauty of Iceland and the power that can be harnessed from this volcanic land.

The legendary land of fire and ice. From the midnight sun to glaciers and volcanoes, it’s home to some of nature’s greatest wonders.

Iceland was one of the last countries in the world to be discovered and settled by humans. You only have to look at its remote location and unforgiving landscape to see why. As we explore the country in the video, it’s easy to imagine the challenges that the earliest settlers must have experienced. Today, Iceland is a success story. And it’s mainly because of its unique geological location and its 600 hot springs, which have made Iceland into one of the most self-sufficient and sustainable places on earth.

Icelanders first started using the power of their earth by baking bread and bathing in hot springs but today the country is a pioneer in the harnessing of geothermal energy. Today, Iceland has a 99.96% renewable energy supply, which means that Icelanders can take particularly long showers without having to feel guilty.

Tips for planning your
sustainable road trip

1)    Pack your reusables. Pack your stainless-steel water bottle, and reusable coffee cups, plates, utensils, grocery bags etc. the more reusable items you have, the less you will have to buy.

2)    Stay in the slow lane – road tripping is all about “taking the scenic route”, not only do you have to drive slow enough to enjoy it, but driving slower will save you gas, or battery power.

3)    Keep your tires properly inflated. Keeping tires to the recommended PSI will boost your car’s fuel/battery efficiency so you can keep driving for longer.

4)    Wind down the windows to let fresh air in, instead of using the A/C.

5)    Shop and eat locally. Try to sample the local cuisine instead of buying imported products from the supermarket.

6)    Keep your phone, camera, and drone charged at all times. You never know when you will need them to capture a whole new landscape. With the IONIQ 5, you can keep these charged thanks to the V2L function.

7)    Make sure to conserve energy by stopping and taking some time to really relax. The IONIQ 5’s zero-gravity front seats are perfect for this.

A silver IONIQ 5 drives through the rocky Icelandic landscape with mountains behind.

The Power of the IONIQ 5

The film takes you on a road trip in an IONIQ 5. The IONIQ 5 is the first model in our dedicated electric line-up in IONIQ. The IONIQ 5 can travel so far across Iceland because it takes full advantage of a bespoke Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) architecture and offers a staggering 800-V, ultra-fast charging capability which gives you up to 80 percent charge in just 18 minutes.

It’s also the perfect car for a road trip because it offers an unparalleled amount of space for all passengers inside. The IONIQ 5 was awarded three awards for its unique and innovative design at the 2022 World Car Awards: World Car of the Year, World Electric Vehicle of the Year, and World Car Design of the Year.

A waterfall crashing down the side of a mountain in Iceland.

Making tracks
towards the
future without
a trace

Not only the IONIQ 5 is comfortable, powerful, and well-equipped for a road trip, but it also produces zero tailpipe emissions and is even made in a highly sustainable way. The seat, lining, and carpet fabric inside the IONIQ 5 include bio components extracted from sugar cane and corn. The leather used in the interior is also dyed by using flaxseed oil instead of oil derived from animal products.

Waves crashing down on rocks and into the sea in Iceland
The gray Ionic 5 is stationary in front of the beach.
The mountainous Icelandic landscape meets the sea.

We’re making tracks towards the future without a trace. The next car in our IONIQ series – the IONIQ 6 – will be launched later this year and we plan to introduce 17 battery-electric-vehicle models by 2030! Follow Hyundai's Instagram(@hyundai ) to find out more about we are bringing whole new dawn for sustainable travel with all-electric IONIQ.


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