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Style Set Free – Making Time More Valuable
IONIQ concept

Style Set Free -
Making Time More Valuable

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Time has always been a precious resource, but in recent years, there has been a revolution in how we make use of it. An explosion of new technology and new theories about productivity has empowered us to become smarter and more efficient with our precious minutes. From productivity apps to shorter working hours, humans are learning to make time work harder for them. And this change in thinking is not simply about squeezing more in, but making time feel more valuable.

Hyundai hopes to make time feel more valuable with its
new vision for dedicated electric vehicles: Style Set Free

Traditionally, cars have been used solely as a space to transport us from A to B.
But what if cars could offer something more?

This is Hyundai’s vision: a future where vehicles offer us experiences, similar to that of a mobile phone.

With Style Set Free, the journey is no longer ‘wasted time’ but a journey packed with rich sensory, mental and emotional experiences with the freedom to design. So, what will this look like?

Traditionally cars

In the initial stage, IONIQ vehicles will include a range of customizable items that allow users to make the most of their time and space. According to their particular needs, users will be able to plug in everyday appliances such as a refrigerator, air purifier, coffee machine or vacuum cleaner to help and enhance their life.

In the next stage, car users won’t just have access to customized objects, but customized experiences. They could, for example, activate an office, entertainment, or even a camping package, depending on their needs. The entire vehicle can be reconfigured according to their plans and lifestyle. This flexibility, both in terms of the physical space and the software is set to totally reimagine our concept of a ‘car’.

Time and space

With Style Set Free, Hyundai is set to make your experience both in and out of the vehicle feel more valuable.

With Style Set Free, Hyundai could also provide you with offline experiences based on your interests, by using information from your online profile. Feeling hungry? The car would be able to analyze your preferences based on your social media activity and recommend suitable nearby restaurants. You could then share this experience with others - not just through photos and videos, but even the route you took to get there.

As well as attending to people’s individual needs, the IONIQ dedicated electric vehicle line-up will also be able to provide various pieces of content according to customers’ needs.

Individual needs

For example, vehicles won’t just provide information about nearby attractions, but even offer educational play programs to help kids learn on the go or health programs that would help you check up on your health condition while you are driving.

Hyundai’s rapid developments in EVs will not just maximize travel time but also free up precious time for meaningful activities with friends, family, and even ourselves.

Hyundai’s vision is that a single hour spent in a Hyundai EV will make the other 23 hours of the day more valuable. Style Set Free is set to change not just the way we travel, but the way we live.

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